Stitch Fix Review – October

For all the beautiful plus- size princesses who have a hard time finding cute clothes that actually fit, you should check out Stitch Fix. Personally, I love going shopping and to the mall, but I absolutely hate trying to find clothes that fit me. With this $20 subscription service, I get 5 different items sent to me. I try them on, keep what I want, & send the rest back. The $20 is considered the styling fee and will go towards whatever is purchased. There is also a discount if I decide to keep the whole box.

Lexine V-Neck Surplice Blouse $38

When I put this shirt on, I immediately wanted to take it off. I didn’t even want to look in the mirror to see what it looked like because it was soooooo uncomfortable. Do you rememberSF1 those weird, itchy blankets that everyone’s grandparents had? I specifically remember mine having a Mickey Mouse blanket. It was terrible, just like the material of this shirt. It was itchy and gross. That aside, I didn’t like the way this looked either. The cinch in the middle made me look super preggers and unflattering. Definitely not keeping this one. The only think I did like about the shirt was the color. In person, it looked like a deep olive army green… if that makes sense.


Silver is my favorite type of jewelry to wear, but I didn’t really like the style of tsf2his. It felt like it would be good quality, but it isn’t something that I’d want to wear very much. The spikes (pokes, spokes, pointers? Idk) kinda scared me off a little. I like my necklaces to be simpler than this. Not bad, but not my choice.

Shailene Fringe Collar Necklace $28

As itchy and uncomfortable as the first shirt was, this one is the sf3exact opposite. The material is so soft and comfortable. If anyone is in search of a comfortable basic tee shirt, this would be it. For me, though, I decided not to keep this because it wasn’t long enough (picky, I know). I would have kept it if it was long enough to cover my booty, but it wasn’t. I still reallllly liked it though, just not enough to keep it.

Trumer Knit Top $28

Corduroy is the weirdest material ever. And I don’t like it. I wish these pants were a different fabric because they are the prettiest color. In the picture, they look like a bright maroon. IRL, they are a deep sf4.pngburgundy color. So pretty. These were sent to my in my correct size, but they were a little too tight. Other jeans I have received through Stitch Fix fit me perfectly, so I’m guessing these just run a little smaller. Plus, they were a little loose and made my booty look weird (which wouldn’t have been so bad if the tunic would have been long enough to hide it, lol). So, these jeans are a no from me.

Hampton Skinny Corduroy $68

Perfectionnnn! My favorite item in my whole box. Super comfortable. The sleeves were long enough. The worst thing about cardigans is when you stretch your arms out and the sfsleeves roll up. Another thing I’m picky about. The fabric is really soft, and I feel like this will be perfect for the Fall. The sides of this cardigan round out a little, so it’s not a straight cardigan – does that make sense? I decided to keep this one.

Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan $38

While this box wasn’t the best one I have received, I genuinely love this subscription service. The customer service is great, the clothes are so cute, and the prices are reasonable for good quality clothes. If you are interested in this service, I will leave a referral link at the bottom and you can sign up! The referral link gets me credit, and I think you will a credit towards your first box as well. If you decide to sign up, let me know what you think!



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