Dia & Co | March

Dia & Co is a clothing subscription services that is similar to Stitch Fix. To purchase a box, you would pay a $20 styling fee which would be credited towards what ever is purchased. If you would decide to keep everything in the box, you would receive a discount in addition to the styling fee credit. I have noticed, however, that Dia & Co have slightly cheaper prices than Stitch Fix. There is also an option that you could choose some of the items in your box, which is actually pretty cool. I decided to resubscribe to see which boxes seem to fit my style better.


Vachellia Sleeveless Sharkbite Fit and Flare Dress $65.00

I included a note to my stylist requesting sun dresses that I could wear to the beach. I received this, and I kind of cringed when I saw it. The pattern is a little loud for my tastes, but I could have probably have gotten over that if the material wasn’t so bad. It is a heavier material, and it zips in the back. It felt like something I would wear to a special occasion than something I would wear to the beach. I would have liked this better had it been a lighter material that was more flowy.  I’m sending this back.. No thanks.


Jessica Long Sleeve Cage Back Cardigan $55.00

This cardigan was one that I had requested for my box. My closet is severely lacking cute cardigans that I can wear with my 4 million tank tops. When I opened this, I knew I would like it, and I wore it to work. It’s soft and comfortable. The back detailing is so cute, and makes this so much more than a simple cardigan. I really liked the material, and the way this one fit me.


Jardine Capri | Meri Skye $42

These capri jeans were also one of my requests. I really liked them, but the size ran a little small. I might need to go up a size, and I may exchange them. The material was soft, and they were black, so they would be really nice pants to wear to work when it warms up.

Colombo Ponte Pant | Rafaella $65


These were another that I put in a note to my stylist. I requested some burgundy/maroon pants that I can wear to work. These are basically jeggings. They are super comfortable and cute. They were exactly what I had in mind. They are a stretchy material, but they aren’t completely tight around the ankles, so I think I can get away with wearing them to work. Plus, they have pockets, so they won’t be confused as leggings. 😛

11111.pngAlysson Shirred Sleeveless Blouse | Ryan Wythe $49

 This shirt was the last item in my box, and when I saw it I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I didn’t really like the pattern of it, but I thought it might look better once I put it on… And guess what…? I was wrong. I didn’t like it. The fabric was nice. It kind of felt like silk, but it wasn’t. I’m not really sure how to explain it. It didn’t look good on me though. I kind of made me look frumpy.. Is that a word..? I guess it is because I didn’t get the red squiggly line under it that tells me I misspelled it. Anyway, I didn’t like this, so it’s going back.

I think my box was okay this month. If I can get the capris in a bigger size, I would be pretty happy because they may have been my favorite item in the box. I plan on getting another box because I want to see if Dia & Co can keep up with Stitch Fix because they still hold the place of the best clothing subscription in my mind. If you would like to try a Dia & Co box, I will leave a referral code at the bottom. I think they only carry plus size clothing options, though.

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Stitch Fix | February Kids Edition

I’ve been subscribing to Stitch Fix for about a year now, and they began offering children’s boxes. I decided to try one for my son to see what they offer. The styling fee is also $20, and it will be credited back to the account when you make a purchase. You can choose to receive the box every couple weeks, monthly, or every other month. I choose to get Braylen’s box every other month, but I have to make sure I update his size settings often because that kid will not stop growing. These are the items that he received in the box. I’m not going to go into full detail/review mode like I do for my own boxes, but I thought this would be a good showcase for anyone who would be interested in signing up. In the kids’ boxes, there are more items because the clothes are cheaper than the other boxes.

RUMI + RYDER The Classic Everyday Solid Active Hoodie $24 – I loved the way this hoodie looked on him. He always looks good in blue because it brings out his pretty blue eyes. He loved it too. He ended up wearing this outfit to school the next day. The material is so soft, and he said that it was really comfortable.
JOE’S JEANS Brixton Joe’s Straight and Narrow Fit Stretch Denim $24 –  I requested in the note to the stylist that he needed new jeans because he has already went up another size. He only received one pair of jeans, but they were good quality and looked really nice on him.
BTW… Ignore his mismatched socks… He is definitely my child. Life is too short to match socks. Especially, when you are late almost every day. 🙂

PS. Ignore his facial expressions because they will get worse as this post goes on…

LEVIS Jose Hooded Sweatshirt $24 – I wasn’t planning on buying this because he liked the blue one better. After I totaled up what he wanted to keep, it ended up being more than buying the whole box. When you purchase the whole box, you get the 25% discount, so I decided to keep everything and pay the cheaper price. He has worn this since then, so it wasn’t a waste.

ODIN & IVY The Classic Short Sleeve Graphic Tee $12 – I really liked this one on him, and he liked it okay. It was one of the “maybe” items that we kept because of the discount. It’s just a simple graphic tee, but it was a really soft material. Bray said that it was comfortable, and he wears it around the house more than he does to school.

SKECHERS Carmine Skechers Turbo Spike Sneaker $44 – I’m going to be real honest, I did not like these shoes. I didn’t like the bright colors. I prefer shoes that are black, white, red, etc. But, Bray loved these. He put these on and had to test how fast he was by running back and forth through the house. We kept these because he wanted them, and he did really need new shoes. Had these not come in this box, I would not have let him buy these. If I saw these in store, I’d be like.. Nope. Next.

RUMI + RYDER The Classic Short Sleeve Graphic Tee $14 – This shirt was his size, but it was a little bit too big for him. I didn’t mind keeping it though because I’m sure he will grow into it eventually. Bray liked it, and he liked the planes on it.

ODIN & IVY The Classic Short Sleeve Graphic Tee $12 – I don’t know why, but we both loved this shirt. And, it looks so cute on him. It seems like good quality, and I’ve washed it since then. I don’t think it has shrunk any, so I didn’t have to worry about him wearing it once and not fitting it anymore.

HOLLYWOOD Everett Knit Moto Jogger $20 – I really didn’t like these when he first put them on, but I think these were his favorite item in the box other than the blue hoodie. The longer he wore them, they kind of grew on me. He did look cute in this outfit. It was again a “maybe” item, but since we kept the whole box he got to keep them.

STAR WARS Star Wars Short Sleeve Graphic Tee $18 – This one looked good on him, and he liked it. It was another “maybe”, but we did end up keeping it. There wasn’t anything special about it. It’s just a simple graphic tee. Nothing special.

ODIN & IVY The Classic Long Sleeve Raglan Graphic Tee $14 – Braylen really liked this shirt, and I thought it would be really nice for spring. When it starts warming up but it’s still a little cool outside, this would be a nice shirt for him to wear without having to wear a jacket.

I think this box was worth it because we kept everything for $134. I don’t get his box every month, so by the next time I get him a box I will probably have to update his sizing again. I like most of the clothes that he gets, and I think they feel like good quality. If you’re interesting in the kid’s box, I’ll leave the referral link down below. They have boys and girls clothing, sizes 2T to 14. If you sign up using the code, you’ll receive a $25 credit which will cover the first month’s styling fee and go towards whatever your purchase from the box.


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Stitch Fix | February

Another Stitch Fix!!! This month I requested some casual clothing and some skinny jeans. My stylist definitely delivered this month. There was only one thing that I wouldn’t really purchase, and that is because it is ridiculously expensive… But, we’ll get into that.

For those who aren’t familiar, Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription service. The styling fee is $20, and you would receive a curated box to fit your style. Anything that you wouldn’t purchase from the box, the $20 styling fee would be applied to the purchase. If you keep everything from the box, there is a 25% discount.


Kut From the Kloth – Dayna Distress Skinny Jeans $88

As I mentioned, I requested some jeans for this month’s box. These fit me perfectly. I have the weirdest body shape, and it is so hard for me to find cute jeans that fit me well. I loved these. They were very comfortable and so cute. The only downside to these jeans are the price. If I was shipping in a store or shopping online, I would probably skip over these because of the price; however, since I received them in my box and was able to try them on, I may keep them. They seem like good quality jeans, and they have a little stretch to them, which I like. I will most likely keep these because I need more jeans that make me look nice in my closet.

hoodieLOVEAPPELLA – Tomar Hoodie $58

The next thing that I received is this hoodie. I reallllllllllyyyyy love this hoodie so much. I know I am keeping this one because I have actually already wore it. I couldn’t resist. It is so cute and so comfortable. It is very lightweight, so I don’t get too hot in it. It does keep me warm though. I wore it to work the other day, and it was about 40 degrees outside. I felt like it was perfect to wear that day. I love the coral color on it. I love everything about it. It is long enough, it has the pocket in the front, and the sleeves have the thumb holes on the side. I really like thumb holes. They make my heart happy. I keeping this, and I love it. It might be one of my favorite items from this box.


41 HAWTHORN – Karie Split Neck Blouse $58

I really like this shirt. I haven’t decided if I am going to keep it or not yet. It fits pretty well, but it doesn’t have much stretch to it. I feel kind of restricted. It isn’t too bad, since it does fit. I like the pattern on it, and I think this would be a really nice shirt that I could wear to work. It’s long enough, so that it covers my booty. I’d have to think about this one before I buy it. Right now, it’s a maybe.


AUGUST MIST – Josephina Hacci Graphic Knit Pullover $44

I love this. I am keeping this. I am wearing this right now as I type this. Normally, I would find a graphic design like this to be a bit lame, but all I can think about is that old woman from the video…. You know who I’m referring to, right… If not, here you go.. fat and sassy

No further explanation needed.


ANDREW MARC PERFORMANCE – Harold Puffer Vest $88

So, this is a nope. I wouldn’t even buy this for $10, let alone $88. I have no idea what they are thinking. This is insane. The onlyyyyyy way I would keep this is if I decided to purchase th whole box to get the discount. I did the math. If I kept the whole box and the discount was applied, I’d pay $252. If I bought everything except for this, it would be about $248. Then I could justify it by saying that I’d be paying $4 dollars for this. Then I think it would be worth it. It was fine. It was comfortable, but I’m not buying anything more than $4 for this. No way.

So, that is everything that I received in this Stitch Fix. I haven’t completely made up my mind yet, so I’m not sure what I will end up keeping. I actually re-subscribed to Dia & Co, so I will posting my reviews on those in the future. I may even do a battle of the clothing boxes each month to see which one I like better for the month. Stay tuned for those. If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix, I will leave me link below. When you sign up with the link you will receive a $25 dollar credit which will cover the first month’s styling fee and can be used toward anything you decide to keep. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Stitch Fix | December #2

Stitch Fix is a $20 curated clothing subscription box that you can receive every couple weeks, monthly, or every other month. Your stylist will specifically choose items for you based on your style quiz, social media, and feedback. You pay the $20 for the box, and the styling fee will be paid towards whatever you decide to keep. What you don’t want to keep, you can just send back in the envelope they provide in the box. Spoiler Alert: This was one of the more underwhelming Stitch Fix boxes that I have received; however, my love for stitch fix remains strong. I think I just had a different stylist this month, and she doesn’t know my style that well yet.

My first impression of these when I saw that I was getting them on the website was a Leggingshugeee no thanks. I really only wear leggings around the house since I can’t wear them to work, and I didn’t think I would like them at all. Guess what…. I didn’t like them when I tried them on. They were too loose in my legs, and they weren’t very comfortable. They were cute, but I would never wear them because they just didn’t fit right. Leggings are supposed to love my curves and hug them ever so sweetly, and these were just a bulky gross mess. | ANDREW MARC PERFORMANCE Fiona Foil Printed Legging $64

Pink shirt

I really considered keeping this shirt, because I really liked the detail and the color of it. I thought it would be something cute and comfortable that I can wear to work. Once I tried it on, however, it looked okay. It wasn’t long enough, though. I’ve said it once, and I know I’ll say it a billion times more that I loved my shirt long. If this shirt was just a little bit longer, I probably would have kept it. I couldn’t justify keeping it if I knew I wouldn’t wear it that much. It is really cute though. | EMORY PARK Dulcette Ruched Detail Knit Top $34

purseNope. No. Next. This purse is defnitely not my style, and I knew I would never, ever use it. The only thing that I did like about it was that it was a cross body, and I have been into those lately. This one is just gross though. Sorry, Ariel, I know you really liked it lol. I didn’t like the color of it, and I just couldn’t see myself ever using it. Plus, for the price it was definitely not worth it for me. So, as I said, NEXT!

URBAN EXPRESSIONS Aida Crossbody $58


sweaterI really like this sweater, so I think I will keep this one. The detailing on the arms are really cute and make this more than a boring sweater. The detailing is a criss crossed braided pattern, and it looks really cute. The sweater is comfortable, but I do wish that it was a little softer. In the picture it looks like a hunter/ olive green, but IRL this sweater is brown. Even on the description card that came in the box, this is described as olive. But, it is not. It is brown. I still like it though, and I am keeping it. 🙂

SKIES ARE BLUE Medea Cut Out Sleeve Cotton Pullover $68 

flannerThis is the last item in my box, and it was one that I specifically requested (kind of). When I sent the note to my stylist before my box was curated, then only thing I wrote was FLANNEL!!!!!!! <— just like that. She delivered, and I loved it. The material on this is so soft, and I can wear it buttoned or unbuttoned. Cuffed or long sleeved. I love Flannel, and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with it. I don’t have any that have this pattern, so I’m keeping this one. It’s great, and I think that it will look really nice with some of the shirts that I had kept in previous boxes.  | TINSEL Hattie Two Pocket Button Down Top $38

I am thinking of doing my future reviews with actual pictures of me trying on the clothes, so you can see what they look like on. Let me know if that would be something you would be interested in for my upcoming reviews or if you would just like to see the pictures of the items.. or both. If you are interested in trying stitch fix, I will leave my referral link at the bottom, so you can check it out!

Referral Code –> https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/samanthawooten?som=c&sod=w

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October Stitch Fix #2 Review

I received my Stitch fix numberrrrr 2 this month. I signed up for the Style Pass, so I paid a one-time yearly fee of $49, and I get as many fixes as I want within that year. If you remember, my last fix wasn’t that great. Did it make me unsubscribe to Stitch Fix? Heck No. Do I still love this subscription service? Absolutely! This month I had a different stylist than I have had since I started, but my box was still pretty great and definitely my style. Howeverrrrrr, everything in my box didn’t fit the way I liked, so I won’t be keeping everything.

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