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Trash TV. Unfaithfulness. Betrayal. | Stream of Consciousness

I realized I haven’t posted one of these in a while, and I feel that that is a shame. When I write these streams of consciousnesses (still unsure what the plural form of this would be) I feel that I am able to express…

Christmas Countdown | Feat. Braylen

Braylen told me earlier today that he wants to be an artist, so I told him that he could write a blog post with me to practice with his creativity lol. We decided to do a Christmas themed post that has more of his…

Fortnite. Super Powers. Traffic.| Stream of Consciousness feat. Braylen (my 8-year-old son)

So this is Braylen’s first stream of consciousness, but I did help him. He typed the first two sentences, and he told me the rest and I typed it. I helped him with the spelling a little, but everything here is strange from his…

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