Trash TV. Unfaithfulness. Betrayal. | Stream of Consciousness

I realized I haven’t posted one of these in a while, and I feel that that is a shame. When I write these streams of consciousnesses (still unsure what the plural form of this would be) I feel that I am able to express things in a different way that I would when I write my book reviews, wish-lists, etc. These are the closest I think anyone could come to deciphering my thought process. Normally, I have about 3.26 billion thoughts per nanosecond, and I even have trouble keeping up with myself. That would be a better tv show than keeping up with the Kardashians… right? I’d watch it.. Speaking of which, has anyone watched Temptation Island on the USA Network. That show is complete garbage. Trash TV in it’s truest form. I love it. Kevin loves it too. He may not admit it, but he got annoyed at me when I went to bed early one night, and he didn’t get to watch it. We are that couple by the way. We have certain TV shows that we watch together, and if he watches something without me then that is an act of betrayal. He basically just proved that he is disloyal and unable to remain faithful to the sanctity of binging television together. You know what I mean. I know we aren’t alone. You know what else is disloyal. My child when he steals the tv from me to play Fortnite. I decide to get on my computer between episodes to do a quick blog update, and what does this traitorous spawn of mine do? hmmm.. ? He steals the controller turns on his weird, cartoon fighting game anddddddddddddddd uses my money to buy V bucks. He spends my money, while playing this stupid game when I was watching televison… The audacity.. The deepest betrayal that punctures my heart in a way that cannot be repaired.. Dramatic, I know.. Have you met me?



Christmas Countdown | Feat. Braylen

Braylen told me earlier today that he wants to be an artist, so I told him that he could write a blog post with me to practice with his creativity lol. We decided to do a Christmas themed post that has more of his creative influence than mine. He wanted to do a SOC, a story, and we decided to throw in some Christmas questions, too. He told me the stories, but I just typed them and tweaked them a little. He picked the titles out too. 🙂 Continue reading Christmas Countdown | Feat. Braylen

Fortnite. Super Powers. Traffic.| Stream of Consciousness feat. Braylen (my 8-year-old son)

So this is Braylen’s first stream of consciousness, but I did help him. He typed the first two sentences, and he told me the rest and I typed it. I helped him with the spelling a little, but everything here is strange from his little mind. The second paragraph is mine. Whose is better? Don’t lie. It’s Brays. I know. haha. Continue reading Fortnite. Super Powers. Traffic.| Stream of Consciousness feat. Braylen (my 8-year-old son)

Conspiracy Theory|Stream of Consciousness

So, I was just thinking about conspiracy theories… There are so many out in the universe today, they couldn’t all be made up.. or could they? Continue reading Conspiracy Theory|Stream of Consciousness

Halloween(ish) |Stream Of Consciousness

When it’s dark outside and the moon is full, do the creepy crawlies come out to play? If you’ve ever been out at night and there was a full moon then would that make you a creepy crawly? Continue reading Halloween(ish) |Stream Of Consciousness

Let It All Flow in a Stream of Consciousness

So, I’m not the best writer as I have mentioned and will probably mention 785 more times. My writings consist of mostly things I never expect to be read. I scribble thoughts and ideas down as the come to me, but most things remain unfinished and unwritten. That is why I like to write my stream of consciousness, which are comparable to journal entries. Continue reading Let It All Flow in a Stream of Consciousness