Case One: The Deceit by Lori Zaremba |Review


Vengeful spirits? Poltergeists? Ghost dogs? Could you go wrong with a book with this type of paranormal element? Every now and then, I will get into a phase where I want to read certain types of books. I found this book when I was I wanted to read about ghost hunting… Is it weird that I have a specific mood about that? I think I may have an ambition to join the paranormal security business… I’m getting sidetracked. Anyway, I found this book and by reading the description I was immediately interested in it because it felt like it would be something unique and interesting that I haven’t read before.

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A Killer’s Mind by Mike Omer | Review

akillersmindIf you have ever watched an episode of Criminal Minds, then you basically know the premise of A Killer’s Mind. If you love Criminal Minds (which I do), then I think that you will enjoy this book.

Goodreads: Three Chicago women have been found strangled, embalmed, and posed as if still alive. Doubting the findings of the local PD’s profiler, The FBI calls on forensic psychologist Zoe Bentley to investigate. Zoe quickly gets off on the wrong foot with her new partner, Special Agent Tatum Gray. Zoe’s a hunter, intense and focused; Tatum’s a smug maverick with little respect for the rules. Together, they must descend into a serial killer’s psyche and untangle his twisted fantasies, or more women will die. But when the contents of three inconspicuous envelopes reveal a chilling connection to gruesome murders from Zoe’s childhood, suddenly the hunter becomes the hunted.

While I was reading this book, I felt that I was actually in Chicago visiting the crime scenes, eating at the diner, and hanging out in the motel room. The author creates a vivid image in the way that he describes locations and settings in a way that touches all of the senses. There are 4 different POVs in the story, and I think that most of them are important for telling the story. The POVs are from Zoe’s perspective, Tatum’s perspective, the killer’s perspective, and Harry – reporter that randomly shows up towards the end of the book. I understand why his was included as a POV, but I felt that it was kind of forced into the book. If he was going to be used as a POV, I feel that his contribution to the plot should have been more significant throughout the book instead of towards the end.

The main character, Zoe, is an Forensic Psychologist consulting with the FBI. She gets recruited for a case in Chicago and dives straight into finding the “Undertaker Strangler”. Zoe is trying to maintain a clear and objective mind when working the case; however, she is struggling with her own past that continues to taunt her. Zoe is a very dynamic character, and I think that she is relatable as a character. Reading her perspective was my favorite chapters in the book because the reader is able to see how she is able to make connections and deductions to build a criminal profile. I love psychological thrillers, and I think this was a great read. I definitely recommend it if you enjoy suspense novels.

I really did enjoy this book, and I truly liked it.. With that being said, I feel that there were some details in the book that seem unnecessary, and I will get to that in a minute because I don’t want to include spoilers just yet.  When I read suspense, thrillers, mysteries, or whatever, I always try to pay attention to details because I want to figure out who the killer is before it is revealed. The author had details in this book that seemed to throw me off the trail completely; however, I did (almost) figure it out before the big reveal.


When Zoe was continuing to investigate, and she believed the serial killer she faced as a teenager was responsible for the murders, she went to the home of one of the victims friends. At this point, I was convinced that there was a connection and that she and her boyfriend were involved. This was what I meant by throwing me off. Apparently, this detail had no significance other than to redirect the reader. In the case, I will give the author credit. But as a reader who tries to pay attention to detail, it kind of pissed me off.  I am so interested in seeing where this story goes, and what will happen in the next book. At the end of the book, there was a cliffhanger. When Rod Glover – serial killer from Zoe’s childhood – shows up in the city she lives in and gets a selfie with Zoe’s sister, I felt that intense emotion that Zoe must have felt. Throughout the book, Andrea (Zoe’s sister) isn’t present much. She is mentioned many times, and readers are able to read about her from the chapters that are from Zoe’s past. Because of this, I felt that I built a connection with Andrea, and I need to know what happens next!


If you want a book that will take you to the edge, hold you there for a while, then send you straight over with anticipation… read this book. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It seriously reminds me of Criminal Minds, but I think it is better because the reader can follow the thoughts of the forensic psychologist and understand how connections are made. Zoe is a feisty creature that has a passion for what she does, and I really enjoyed reading about her history and watching her character development.

I haven’t mentioned Tatum yet…. I’m not sure how I feel about him yet. I feel like the author is setting up a romance between Zoe and Tatum, and I like that he is super protective over her. He seems uptight and a bit too focused. I think if he loosens up, then he might be easier to like. We’ll see how it turns out.

I read this on my kindle, so if you are interested in checking it out I’ll leave a link below. I’ll also leave my last few book reviews if you want to check those out. If you’ve read this, or think you might read it let me know your thoughts!

A Killer’s Mind by Mike Omer

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Awakened & Betrayed | Ivy Asher

43332867This is the sequel to The Lost and the Chosen, which I also reviewed. If you want to check that review out, click here! After I read the first book in the series, I was hooked. The second book was a very satisfying follow-up to the first.

Goodreads description – My name is Vinna and I am a Sentinel. I’m the last in a line of a hunted, magical race, coveted and killed for our power and abilities. I was hidden and protected, but now that I’ve been found, it’s a race to see who can command and control me.  Joke’s on them, I bow to no one. I need to master my magic, and protect the five guys I’ve marked as my own at all costs. Because the line between friend and foe is dangerously blurry, and I’m collecting enemies like Sentinels collect runes. It’s time to prepare for battle, claim my place, and get ready to fuck up anything or anyone that comes for me and my Chosen.

The more and more I read this series, the more that it exceeds my expectations. Ivy Asher embraces her talent and creates such a unique and amazing world that continues to bring out my envy. I wish that I could live in the world she created. Her characters continue to draw me in and make me have emotions throughout the book. In this book, I laughed. I cried. I was scared. I was angry. I was overwhelmed. I felt all the emotions that Vinna felt because she is such a likable character. Her backstory continues to unravel in this book, and the readers are able to understand her a bit more. I absolutely love that she doesn’t conform to the traditional caster roles that the elders continue to force upon her. She is a badass heroine, and I hate that this series is only going to live through 4 books.

This review is going to be shorter because there isn’t much I can say that you would understand unless you read the first book. So. READ. It. It’s a great read, and I love that it is a different take on the supernatural. This book is a reverse harem, so there is a lot of polygamy – which, as I mentioned in my last review, I was weirded out by at first; however, I am okay with it now and I’m jealous that Vinna gets all these hot guys that love her, lol. I’m a little bitter.

I finished this book in a day. I was stuck in a traffic jam on my way home from work, and there was no movement. I was in a dead stop for over an hour, and I started reading this book. It pulled me in so much that I was kind of disappointed which traffic started moving, and I head to start driving.

READ. THIS. SERIES! I will leave the amazon links below!

SPOILERS!! Beware!

At the end of this book, there is a cliffhanger that makes you ask what the hell is going on.. If Vinna is the last sentinel.. then how is Enoch’s coven getting the runes? Is there another one…? If so, then who is it… I honestly don’t even have any theories at this point.. One thing I am wondering is if Laiken is still alive.. I’m not sure if it was mentioned in the book if Vinna watched her die.. or maybe she became a lamie (vampire)… I’m not sure.. I may need to reread the series and pay attention to the details again. Another thing… I wonder if her dad is still alive..? In the first book, we found out Talon saw her mother die, but what about her dad. Ohhh, that reminds me… Sorick came to see Vinna during the pack run in the second book, and he was marked by Vinna’s mother.. Maybe they had another baby and he/she is a sentinel too. Wouldn’t that be a huge turn of events.. I have no idea, but I am really excited to find out.


If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend it. It’s great, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed especially if you love supernatural/paranormal romance. I had all the feels reading this book, and I don’t know if I can wait until May until the 3rd book. 😦

If you have read this, please share your theories and thoughts with me. I would love to have a discussion about this. If you haven’t read it, let me know if I have changed your mind, lol.

Until next timeeeee.

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Crimes of Alice by Erin R. Bedford | Book Review

crimes of alicesFor some reason, I find myself drawn to books that are different versions of classic stories. Crimes of Alice is a more adult version of Alice in Wonderland with a slightly different twist. The current setting takes place after she has already grown up, and she visited Wonderland the first time when she was a child.

Goodreads Description – Every story has a beginning. This one started with a girl named Alice. Lewis was everything my mother wanted for me. Respectable. Wealthy. Not too handsome. Utterly perfect in every way. Then why did I run on our wedding day?
Returning to Wonderland wasn’t my intention, but now I’m finding out those things I thought were a dream were real. And they are so much more dangerous and delicious than I remembered. Lost in Wonderland with the queen out for my head the last thing I’m worried about is getting back to my fiance and the inhabitants are doing their best to tempt me to stay.

To be completely honest, I don’t think I would recommend this book to everyone. There is graphic sexual content, and it was weird. I can handle some word porn, and I even prefer it sometimes (no shame), but the sexuality in this book just seemed a little too weird. I’m no prude, by any means; however, this just took it a little too far for my liking.

With that being saiddddd, I didn’t hate this book.  I liked the premise of it, and it was definitely a unique telling to a classic story. I enjoyed reading most of it (graphic sexual scenes not included because I was extremely uncomfortable, lol). The author was able to describe the world in a way that I could visualize the scenery and the places. On the other hand, I didn’t feel much emotion while reading this book. My favorite kinds of books are the ones that give me all the feels, and this one fell short in that area. I didn’t get excited.

The characters were mediocre at best. It seems that so many characters were introduced to create a dynamic story line, but it didn’t portray that way. Even Alice was a little flat, and she is the main character. My opinion is that the author tried to include as many notable characters from the original Alice in Wonderland to make the story more nostalgic and exciting, but it was too much. She should have used less characters and made the more relatable and dynamic instead of cramming so many into one book. Quality is better than quantity in this case.

Despite this not being a book that I would consider a favorite, I liked it okay. It’s probably not one that I would try to read again because my head kind of hurt after I finished it. So many changes in scenery, character introductions, and drama. I mean how many times can this bitch get lost? Come on. It’s a little ridiculous that she has to get saved by someone else time after time after time. It gets old after a while.

Honestly, I would say read it if it sounds interesting to you, and you enjoy some graphic sex scenes in your novels. Otherwise, I’d say that you aren’t missing anything if you decide to skip this. I am aware that this is actually a prequel to a series, so I may check out the first book to see if it is any better. We’ll see. If you read this book, let me know what you thought about it or if you are interested in reading it!

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Verity by Colleen Hoover | Book Review

41957126As I try to write this right now, I remain completely speechless. I literally just finished this book, and I have no words. Which is a problem since I am trying to complete a blog post about it…  This book is unlike any that I have read before, and it made me feel things that no book ever has. I felt panic. I felt terror. I felt the things that the main character felt. My heart was in a constant state of tachycardia while I was reading.  Okay.. Before I continue, let me say what this book is about:

Synopsis by Goodreads: Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer on the brink of financial ruin when she accepts the job offer of a lifetime. Jeremy Crawford, husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford, has hired Lowen to complete the remaining books in a successful series his injured wife is unable to finish. Lowen arrives at the Crawford home, ready to sort through years of Verity’s notes and outlines, hoping to find enough material to get her started. What Lowen doesn’t expect to uncover in the chaotic office is an unfinished autobiography Verity never intended for anyone to read. Page after page of bone-chilling admissions, including Verity’s recollection of what really happened the day her daughter died. Lowen decides to keep the manuscript hidden from Jeremy, knowing its contents would devastate the already grieving father. But as Lowen’s feelings for Jeremy begin to intensify, she recognizes all the ways she could benefit if he were to read his wife’s words. After all, no matter how devoted Jeremy is to his injured wife, a truth this horrifying would make it impossible for him to continue to love her.

Let me say this, I have never felt so disturbed and disgusted by a character in any book that I have ever read. Verity was repulsive when Lowen was reading about her through the manuscript. She was a psychopath in the truest form, and I can’t even describe how much I hated her. Lowen felt the same way, and she struggled throughout the book with whether or not to tell Jeremy the truth about the manuscript. Everything led up to the twist at the end that I did not see coming. I had theories and ideas about how it would end and what the final twist could be, but I was sooooo wrong.

The author was very creative when writing this book because it was told through Lowen’s point of view, and Verity’s point of view through the autobiography. What made it truly incredible is the different tones that presented during each perspective. The tone during Lowen’s perspective was lighter, but Verity’s tone was dark and disturbing. I felt like I was really in the mind of someone experiencing extreme psychopathy.

Unlike my other reviews, I am not going to include any spoilers in this because I feel like it would ruin much of the content of the book. I’m still speechless. I keep typing, but I can express how I feel about this book. My mind is truly blown by the talent and unique writing style that it took to create such an imbalance of perspective.

I would describe this book as a true psychological thriller that embraces the mind of a psychopath. I recommend this book to anyone, and I BEG you all to read this. I promise that it will make you feel something. You may feel terror, disgust, anger, or heartbreak. You may feel one thing or, like me, you may feel everything. I really feel like I should probably go to therapy after reading this book because of how twisted and psychotic it is. When I wasn’t reading this book, I was thinking about reading it. I was coming up with theories and potential plot twists about how this book might end. It was consuming me to the point that I stayed up until 2 AM when I had to go to work the next morning. I didn’t even finish it then though. I could have, but I really needed sleep at that point.

Check it out. That’s all I can say. Please read it, and then come back and tell me what you thought. If you read it and review it, please tag me because I would love to see what everyone thinks about it.

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Frost by Kaitlyn Davis | Book Review

Frost by Kaitlyn Davis is another book that Facebook told me that I should read… SinceFrost when did I become some obedient to social media? Frost is the first book in the Midnight Ice series, and I have a few thoughts on this book. Continue reading Frost by Kaitlyn Davis | Book Review

The Lost and the Chosen – Ivy Asher | Book Review

The lost and the chosen.jpg
The Lost and the Chosen – Ivy Asher Goodreads rating: 4.63

My facebook has been flooded with sponsored posts about books and authors these past few weeks, and I usually just scroll past them. Then, I decided to start paying attention and checking some of them out. I’m so glad I did. The Lost and the Chosen was one of the first ebooks that I have ever read. I’m tradition, I guess. I love the books that I can hold in my hand, flip through, and smell the pages (is that wierd? probably). Anyway, this isn’t a review about ebooks, my point is that I don’t normally read from my phone, so when I say that I finished this book solely by reading on my kindle app, it is an accomplishment and says something about the book. I don’t know if it is sold as a hard copy book, but if it is I haven’t been able to find it. However, that doesn’t stop be from recommending this book.. (spoiler…? Maybe.)

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