Red Smokey Eye | Natasha Denona Love Palette Vs Jaclyn Hill Vol. II

img_2140-1I recently bought both of these palettes because I enjoy pinks, purples, and reds. They are my favorite shades of eye shadows to use. The first thing I noticed when these were side by side is that they have very similar color stories, so I decided to try to create a red smokey eye using both palettes. As you can see from the photos below, it turned out to be more pink than red, but I will get into that later. I want to point out that this isn’t a full review for either palette, but the purpose of this post is to compare the two. Both palettes are very similar, but they are completely different price points. The ND Love palette is $65, where as the JH Vol. II is $39. Before I get into it, check out this picture. Which eye is the ND & which is the JH?

I don’t edit these photos aside from cropping. **

On each eye & in both palettes, I used five shades. I used a transition shade, a cream shade to blend with, two tones of a red to deepen my eye, then black to smoke it out and all over my lid. There were no similar highlight shades in the palettes, so I just used my Lunar Beauty Highlighter in the shade Mars on my inner corner.   I also want to mention that I have a difficult time with one of my eyes in general because I am right handed, and sometimes its difficult to blend my left eye. In the picture above, my ” difficult eye” is on the right due to the camera angle. From what I see, it is a little more blended and the black on the lid is more pigmented and smooth. On the right side, the shades muddied together instead of adding a different level of depth. It is also necessary to point out the the left side appears to be truly red where as the right side is more pink/purple.

So.. have you figured it out yet? Is the right side (my difficult eye) the ND or JH? Or.. is the eye that appears to be muddier and less vibrant (left side) the one that has the $39 palette or the $65 Palette?

On my more difficult eye, I used the palette I thought would be more difficult to be honest. The reason I did that was to see if I could get it to perform well even though I already have trouble on that eye. On the right side of the photos (my left eye), I used the Jaclyn Hill palette. So, on my right out (easier eye), I used the Natasha Denona. I was surprised to be honest.

img_2158I thought the ND palette would be better to create the red smokey eye, but I felt like the colors I used didn’t stand out. I used soul as my transition because it was the most similar shade to one in the JH palette. I also used different brushes for each palette to ensure that I didn’t mix the formulas together. The two red shades (heart & heartbeat) were fine, but when I layered them I lost the vibrancy of the red. Commitment is a cream to powder shade, so I found that it wasn’t as strong as temptress in the JH palette. Before I blended it out, I packed it all over my lid and slightly into my crease. I’ve always preferred a matte eye look. I use this technique all the time, and I can always get a pigmented and blended look. With the cream to power, it wasn’t as pigmented, and it is kind of patchy. I should probably also mention that I only used concealer as primer on both eyes. That might have impacted the pigmentation of that shadow, but it still isn’t an excuse considering temptress was a better shade. It was more pigmented; however, it was a little difficult to blend.


The transition color I used in the JH palette was thick skin, and it wasn’t an exact match to soul in the ND palette. Thick skin was more light brown, and soul was more of a mauvey pink. The JH palette turned my eye more pink than red, and I feel that when the reds were blended out into the brown, it turned it into a pink/purple color instead of the vibrant red I wanted. The reds were easy to use. Livin’ my best is the brighter red which is what inspired my smokey eye, and crazy is a deep burgundy. I feel that once blended out, it turns more purple, so that’s another reason my red smokey eye wasn’t red. The black was nice. It has glitter in it, but it blends away. I don’t mind this because I prefer mattes to shimmers/glitters anyway. When I packed it on my lid and up into my crease, I had to work to blend it out. This was the first time I used this shade, so I think the next time I use it I will build it more, so it will be easier to blend.

The next time I recreate my red smokey eye, I plan to do a few things different. First, I’m throwing out the transition shades and going straight in with red. I will probably still use the cream color to blend, but only with very little on my brush because I don’t want a pink smokey eye. I want red, damn it! Second, I’m still going to pack the black on my lid, but I’m going to build it in my crease a little more to blend it a little easier. And most importantly, I’m not going to use my ND palette because I like the way the JH palette performed better when creating this look. DISCLAIMER! These looks and shades may have performed differently when creating the same look; however, this isn’t my complete review on either palette. If anyone is interested in my reviews on the JH palette & ND palette let me know… I do have some thoughts on these as a whole. 😀

Thanks for reading & share your thoughts with me! I always enjoy talking makeup with others. 🙂

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