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Trash or Treasure? | De ‘Lanci Starry Moon Night Palette

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been trying out some makeup that I really wanted to review, and this palette is the first one in my Trash or Treasure series – a series I’m dedicating to random makeup that I find that I haven’t heard of. I was scrolling on amazon to check out to see what palettes they had, and I came across this one. I loved the colors in this, and the price was very affordable. I bought mine for $9.99. I figured that because it was a cheaper palette that it wouldn’t perform as well as some of my higher end palette. Was I wrong… Was I right… Keep reading. 😉

I have been using this palette exclusively for a couple of weeks now because I really wanted to use it enough to form an opinion on this palette. I have used every shade in it at least once, and I have to say that it is one of the best palettes I’ve ever used – high end or affordable.

Color Scheme – I love the colors, and I tend to be more adventurous with my eye shadow looks, and I tend to use bold colors frequently. The blue in this palette blew my mind (pun..?). I always apply shimmers with my fingers, so when I used this shade it was bright and pretty and realllllyyy blue. I have used blue in other palettes that couldn’t even compare to this. As far as the color scheme goes, the only thing that I didn’t like was that it only had one transition shade which is the coral/orangish shade. Other than that, I loved that it had a black and two browns with different undertones.

Pigmentation – I was expecting to have to build the shades up a little bit to get them to full opacity, but I didn’t have to with most of them. These are very pigmented and pop on the eyes. The mattes in this palette are a little bit better than the shimmers. Some of the shimmers did need to be built up. The darker shimmers didn’t need any building, but the lighter shimmers needed more product to be more metallic. There are two duo chrome topper shades in this palette, and I found that they work best over a shadow. For the look below, I put the purple duochrome over the black matte shadow, and I think it was one of my favorite looks I’ve created. The picture doesn’t really do the eye look justice, but I really loved that look.

Application – The mattes blended soooooo well. I was speechless the first time I tried this palette. I figured that it would require some effort for me to blend these shadows out, and it does if you go in with too much product. I did an eye look using one of the browns and used too much. I did have to use the transition shade to blend it out, but that was more user error on my part. I only found one shade that was patchy, and that brown shade on the top row. I used it to deepen my crease, and it was a little patchy. I used more of that shade to fix it, and it covered just fine with a second layer. The mattes had absolutely no fall out whatsoever. I’ve never been one to do my eye makeup before my base, and that has gotten me into trouble of few times; however, I didn’t have that problem with this palette. I didn’t notice fall out with any of the shimmer shades either.  They applied fine, but they did need a wet brush or finger to be built up. The duo chrome shades had some fall out, but it wasn’t too noticeable since they are topper shades and not really pigmented enough on their own.

Wear – Whenever I wear eye shadow, I always use a primer underneath. Lately, I have been using the Milani eye shadow primer. I didn’t have any creasing with these shadows. They wore well throughout the day, and I didn’t have much fading. I didn’t have any problems with these shadows irritating my eyes. The duo chrome shades did have some transfer on my eyes. I have hooded eyes, so the shadow transferred all over my crease. TBH, I didn’t mind this because it had a pretty effect on my eye look.


I honestly don’t think that you could find a better eye shadow for this price. It was amazing, and I think you could create so many looks with this palette. There is a good balance of shimmers and matte shadows, but I do wish there was a least one more matte transition shade. For that, I’d probably rate this as a 4.5 out of 5 stars if I’m being picky. I’ll leave the amazon link below if you want to check this out. With my amazon prime account, I think I received this two or three days after I ordered it.  Has anyone tried this palette or think you might like to try it..? Let me know what you’re thoughts are!

De’Lanci Moon Starry Night Eyeshadow Palette


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