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Morphe Fluidity Foundation | Review

I think this might actually be my first make-up review! I was so excited when I heard that Morphe would be launching foundations. I mentioned this product in my January 2019 Beauty Wish List post which I will link here if you wanna check that out. I was very excited about this foundation launch, and I thought it was pretty great when they were launching 60 shades.

I ordered the shade 1.50 from the Morphe website, and it was a pretty good match. I didn’t mind wearing it, but it wasn’t my perfect undertone. Morphe did include sample sizes of other shades, and I actually found a better shade. Apparently, I have an olive undertone because the shade 1.90 has an olive undertone, and it was my perfect match. Usually, I choose neutral undertones in my foundation because I don’t have a cool or warm undertone. Now, I know why. When I received the sample packet, I was able to see the differences in undertones for level 1. I have to admit, there was a decent variety. I was even able to give my mom a few samples to try because there was a shade that matched her undertone.

Here are the two shades side by side. The shade on the left is 1.50, and the one on the right is 1.90. The packaging doesn’t do a very good job showing the shade because I would look at 1.90 and assume it was too dark; however, this one matched me perfectly.

Nowwww, into my review….

I bought this for $18 on the day they launched, which I think was a Thursday. I received it by the following Monday. I have played with it and wore it several times since then. I need to mention that I have normal to dry skin. My skin is mostly normal, but I have dry patches in some areas. I also have extremely acne prone skin, acne, and scarring. I also want to mention that I am not a professional at makeup. I am just a normal person that is probably mediocre at makeup. My skills aren’t great, but I do know how to apply my makeup so that it looks good (most of the time, lol).

The application was fine. I didn’t have any problems with that. I tried the foundation with a brush and a sponge. I found that I liked the finish better with a sponge because it didn’t cling to my dry patches as much. The first time I used this I used my Two-Faced hangover primer, and my dry patches looked gross. The second time I tried it I used that primer on one side of my face and my Cover FX on the other side. Still looked gross. The next time I exfoliated the shit out of my face. I used a hydrating mask, and my drunk elephant moisturizer that makes my skill feel so soft and hydrated. After all that work, my face still looked dry. BTW, I used several different setting sprays to try and make this work. Nothing helped. Not even the Mac Fix+ which fixes everything.



Okay, Warning! Here are some photos and close ups so you can see what I mean. In this picture, it doesn’t look so bad. There are no filters on this picture, and the only thing I used was the flash. It doesn’t look too bad at first glance, right? However, check out my nose… kinda looks like a crusty mess. This was 10 minutes after I finished my makeup. My forehead and chin look very dry. Despite this foundation literally sucking the life and moisture out of my face, it wasn’t uncomfortable. I guess it has that going for it. Anyway… Still don’t see the issues?

Okay, let’s go in a little closer.


This photo was taken in my car, so you guys are seeing the foundation in natural light. Again, I used a hydrating serum and my drunk elephant moisturizer. Still gross. I honestly can’t believe I went shopping with my face looking like this. My nose, again, looks gross. The texture on my cheeks are extremely accentuated. It looked very heavy and very cakey that day. I didn’t use any other new products, so I know that it was the foundation making me look gross. Again, Mac Fix+ couldn’t make me look better lol.

Need more proof? Okay, let’s get verrrrryyy up close and personal.

Please ignore the mustache and unibrow.. It’s been a minute, lol. Anyway, The texture around my mouth is emphasized, my nose looks gross, and my pores are deeper than a volcano. And I don’t even have issues with large pores. I forgot to mention that. I think that is enough of my ranting about how dry this made me look. Let’s talk about the other issues.

I want to say that this claims to be full-coverage. I can say that it is, but I still had some of my acne scars showing, so I had to build it up to cover those. Another claim is that it’s transfer proof. I would say that it is for the first hour or so. After my natural oils came through, it would transfer.

I would say that people with dry skin should avoid this because it is so matte and drying. I’m not sure how it would be for people with oily skin because it did begin to transfer when my natural oils came through. I tried so hard to make this foundation work, but I couldn’t. I will say that I have one more idea to try and see if it will work. I have heard to putting an oil in this would help, but I’m hesitant to do that because oils break me out. That reminds me, I didn’t have any problem with this breaking me out.

If you wanna give this a try, I’d recommend exfoliating, moisturizing, hydrating, drinking a gallon of water, whatever you need to do to hydrate your skin. If you have tried this foundation, let me know you’re thoughts or if you have any secrets that may help me with it. If you have oily skin, did this work for you? Let me know what you thought! 🙂

Until next timeeee.



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