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Frost by Kaitlyn Davis is another book that Facebook told me that I should read… SinceFrost when did I become some obedient to social media? Frost is the first book in the Midnight Ice series, and I have a few thoughts on this book.

I read this book on my kindle APP, but it can be bought at BAM, so if you are interested I will leave both links at the bottom. 

Synopsis provided by Goodreads: Pandora Scott may have been born a titan, the ancient race tasked with policing the supernatural world, but when she ran away from home to become a vampire, she abandoned that life. Now, she lives a simple one, a solitary one, moving from place to place and stealing what she needs to survive. Until everything changes on her twentieth birthday. Jackson Rodriguez, the boy who broke her heart, surprises her and demands she return home. A mysterious vampire named Sam whispers dark promises in her ears, awakening long-buried desires. And the head vampire of New York lays a price on her head for snatching a prized-possession from his personal vault. That last one might be her fault–but hey, even an undead girl needs to eat. Suddenly, Pandora finds herself running for her life, and this time, escape won’t be so easy. Because even a super-speedy vampire with the ability to disappear can’t outrun her own destiny…giphy-downsized

During the first few chapters, I was not feeling the main character – Pandora. She seemed very childish and naïve. Her lack of impulse control and weakness to Jax really got on my nerves. She knew better that to give into him, and she tried to fight it, but she couldn’t resist him. After I kept reading, I started to think that the immaturity of the main character may have been written purposely because she was turned into a vampire at 15. If this was the case, then I have to give the author – Kaitlyn Davis – credit because she really made me feel like Pandora was acting like a child at times. However, as the story progress, I felt her maturing. She grew up a little over the span of a few days, and then the readers realized why she was so quick to easily forgive Jax. She couldn’t remember exactly why she hated him because her vampirism made her forget.

Then, Sam comes into the picture. I’m not sure what he is because he only made a few appearances in the book, but he made an impression. He has the same power as Pandora, but I don’t know what he is. Is he a vampire/guardian angel/ghost that has some secret past life tied to Pandora? I have no clue, but I intend to find out. The way that he speaks to her throughout the book shows that he has a longing for her, and he seems to love her. I think I am team Sam right now (not because we share the same name because I actually find that odd lol).

Basically, this book is a tale of Pandora’s adventure of fighting against vampires, conduits (magic welders who can harness the power of the sun & are the only supernatural beings that can kill vampires), and titans. She grew up as a titan in the enclave where her father is the director. She had an unusual power that made her an outcast, so she and Jax had decided to run away; however, he was initiated into the prestigious order of the titans. Since Pandora doesn’t remember all the details of the night she ran away, the readers don’t understand the depth of his betrayal until the end of the book, and it goes pretty deep I will say that.

The plot of this book so pretty unique as well, and even though the story progresses over the span of a few days, I was really able to immerse myself in the story-line and the world that the author created. The setting began in New York and ended in Florida. I was definitely taken on an action packed thrill ride along the east coast.

At first, I did a major eye roll at this book because it seemed juvenile. But, I quickly understand the reason for the characters actions and actually really enjoyed the dynamics of Pandora. She had a significant development through the book, but she was still naive in trusting Jax. Again, I can’t really fault her for this because she couldn’t remember the true extent of his betrayal until it was too late.


By the way, this book ends of a hugeeeee cliffhanger, so if you read it be prepared to immediately want to read the next one to find out how Pandora gets out of another sticky situation.giphy-3

I would recommend this book because it is truly unique. While it did have vampirism as one of the supernatural elements, I liked how they were unique to this book. I love supernatural concepts in books because I feel that it adds a certain excitement and intrigue to the story-line, but it also creates more danger because there are no limits. I really enjoyed this book after reading it, and I am looking forward to finishing the series and checking out other books by this author. She gives a unique twist on the supernatural that is truly refreshing in a world full of supernatural wannabe bullshit.

If you have read this book, share your thoughts with me. What did you think of the ending? Did this review give you an interest in reading this, if so let me know!

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