Stitch Fix | December #2

Stitch Fix is a $20 curated clothing subscription box that you can receive every couple weeks, monthly, or every other month. Your stylist will specifically choose items for you based on your style quiz, social media, and feedback. You pay the $20 for the box, and the styling fee will be paid towards whatever you decide to keep. What you don’t want to keep, you can just send back in the envelope they provide in the box. Spoiler Alert: This was one of the more underwhelming Stitch Fix boxes that I have received; however, my love for stitch fix remains strong. I think I just had a different stylist this month, and she doesn’t know my style that well yet.

My first impression of these when I saw that I was getting them on the website was a Leggingshugeee no thanks. I really only wear leggings around the house since I can’t wear them to work, and I didn’t think I would like them at all. Guess what…. I didn’t like them when I tried them on. They were too loose in my legs, and they weren’t very comfortable. They were cute, but I would never wear them because they just didn’t fit right. Leggings are supposed to love my curves and hug them ever so sweetly, and these were just a bulky gross mess. | ANDREW MARC PERFORMANCE Fiona Foil Printed Legging $64

Pink shirt

I really considered keeping this shirt, because I really liked the detail and the color of it. I thought it would be something cute and comfortable that I can wear to work. Once I tried it on, however, it looked okay. It wasn’t long enough, though. I’ve said it once, and I know I’ll say it a billion times more that I loved my shirt long. If this shirt was just a little bit longer, I probably would have kept it. I couldn’t justify keeping it if I knew I wouldn’t wear it that much. It is really cute though. | EMORY PARK Dulcette Ruched Detail Knit Top $34

purseNope. No. Next. This purse is defnitely not my style, and I knew I would never, ever use it. The only thing that I did like about it was that it was a cross body, and I have been into those lately. This one is just gross though. Sorry, Ariel, I know you really liked it lol. I didn’t like the color of it, and I just couldn’t see myself ever using it. Plus, for the price it was definitely not worth it for me. So, as I said, NEXT!

URBAN EXPRESSIONS Aida Crossbody $58


sweaterI really like this sweater, so I think I will keep this one. The detailing on the arms are really cute and make this more than a boring sweater. The detailing is a criss crossed braided pattern, and it looks really cute. The sweater is comfortable, but I do wish that it was a little softer. In the picture it looks like a hunter/ olive green, but IRL this sweater is brown. Even on the description card that came in the box, this is described as olive. But, it is not. It is brown. I still like it though, and I am keeping it. 🙂

SKIES ARE BLUE Medea Cut Out Sleeve Cotton Pullover $68 

flannerThis is the last item in my box, and it was one that I specifically requested (kind of). When I sent the note to my stylist before my box was curated, then only thing I wrote was FLANNEL!!!!!!! <— just like that. She delivered, and I loved it. The material on this is so soft, and I can wear it buttoned or unbuttoned. Cuffed or long sleeved. I love Flannel, and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with it. I don’t have any that have this pattern, so I’m keeping this one. It’s great, and I think that it will look really nice with some of the shirts that I had kept in previous boxes.  | TINSEL Hattie Two Pocket Button Down Top $38

I am thinking of doing my future reviews with actual pictures of me trying on the clothes, so you can see what they look like on. Let me know if that would be something you would be interested in for my upcoming reviews or if you would just like to see the pictures of the items.. or both. If you are interested in trying stitch fix, I will leave my referral link at the bottom, so you can check it out!

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