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The Lost and the Chosen – Ivy Asher | Book Review

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The Lost and the Chosen – Ivy Asher Goodreads rating: 4.63

My facebook has been flooded with sponsored posts about books and authors these past few weeks, and I usually just scroll past them. Then, I decided to start paying attention and checking some of them out. I’m so glad I did. The Lost and the Chosen was one of the first ebooks that I have ever read. I’m tradition, I guess. I love the books that I can hold in my hand, flip through, and smell the pages (is that wierd? probably). Anyway, this isn’t a review about ebooks, my point is that I don’t normally read from my phone, so when I say that I finished this book solely by reading on my kindle app, it is an accomplishment and says something about the book. I don’t know if it is sold as a hard copy book, but if it is I haven’t been able to find it. However, that doesn’t stop be from recommending this book.. (spoiler…? Maybe.)

Synopsis: My name is Vinna, and I’ve been keeping a lot of secrets. You would too if you’d experienced some of the weird shit I have: red-eyed monsters chasing me, markings on my body appearing out of nowhere, a strange power that crackles colorfully over my skin from time to time, and don’t get me started on the weapons I can conjure up almost out of nowhere. Lucky for me, I have yet to meet someone whose ass I couldn’t kick, inside the ring or out. I put that to the test when I run headfirst into a fight that brings all my secrets, and reality as I know it, crashing down around me. Now, I’m looking for answers and trying to piece together what the hell is going on. Paranormal is my new way of life. It’s not going to be easy, and I’m not exactly welcome. That is, until I meet the boys, and trust me, they are anything but boyish. I’m up against elders who think I’m too powerful, a family who views me as a threat, and something lurking in the shadows that’s been coming for me my whole life. There’s not a chance in hell I’m going down without a fight. I’m not lost anymore, and I’m about to show this world exactly what I can do.

I don’t usually care about this, but I have to mention how beautiful the cover of this book is. Honestly, that might be one of the reasons I was drawn to this book. That aside, I really enjoyed reading The Lost and the Chosen. I love any type of supernatural storylines, and I am always interested in a good book that involves magic. This book contained everything that I love as far as supernatural elements. Casters, AKA witches, are not the typical witches that are usually represented. In most cases, they have unique abilities and a branch of magic that is beneficial to their coven. I really like that the author include this “limitation” because it gives a balance between the casters and other supernatural beings.

Vinna, the main character, is bad ass in all forms. She can created weapons by tapping into her power and, literally, pull them from her body. What really makes Vinna special is that she has had to overcome some much bullshit in her life, and she still tries to make the best of her life with what she is given. While she is a bad bitch, she does have an emotional and damaged side to her. She grew up abused and, basically, alone. She used her magic and her abilities to keep her alive and safe.


I am going to be completely honest, when I first started reading this and the mention of polygamy was brought up, I was weirded out. I have never read a book with that type of… relationship(s)? As I kept reading because I genuinely enjoyed the storyline, and I have to admit after the details of how everything works and why, it made sense. Turns out, that the male to female ration is basically 6 males to 1 female, so they are a protected gender, and allows them to have more than one mate. Seems legit to me. Furthermoreeeeee, Vinna is actually caster royalty – Sentinels – and her mates become the chosen ones. Not only is she badass in her skills, but she comes from a bloodline of powerful casters. She is the last remaining one in the bloodline. 

Out of all of her Chosen, I would have to say that Sabin is my favorite. He just seems so reluctant at first because he tries to fight his attraction for her, but Vinna eventually sees through and realizes he has a sensitive and deep side to him. I don’t know how the story will end, but it might be selfish of me to hope that she picks him only? Maybe having the others be royal protectors in her royal court or something.. idk.

What really bugs me, though, and I don’t know if it was intentional or if I misread.. But I’m still not sure what happened to her father. I know there was a big Lamia (vampire) VS. Paladin (Caster Police/Army/Guardian/Warrior Coven), and her mother didn’t make it (I think). I’m really excited for the next book because I want to find out more about her.

End of Spoilers

I loved the premise and plot of this story, and it was something that I have been looking to read for a while. It satisfied my need for a supernatural fix, but it has an aspect of mystery because I still am dying to know about Vinna’s family and bloodline. It’s amazing and intriguing. However, this book is very explicit. Which I don’t mind, but I know some people do. If you don’t like strong language or explicit content, then you might want to skip this; however, if those things don’t bother you, then I definitely recommend checking it out. It is available on Kindle and it’s free with the subscription.

I also have to say that it wasn’t predictable. I thought that I figured out how Vinna would get herself out of the trouble she found herself in at the end of the book, but I was wrong. The author empowered Vinna and embraced the feminist aspect of this character and turned away from the traditional damsel in distress role that is often overplayed.  Vinna doesn’t play by the traditional rules and questions authority. She is a very dynamic character, and I really loved her story. 🙂

I want to mention that I really liked the author’s writing style because it seemed natural and it kept me entertained. I don’t usually focus on this in my reviews, but the flow of the writing made it easy to read and not dull at all. While, some of the dialogue seemed a little forced at times, I didn’t mind that because it didn’t take away from the intrigue that kept me reading. Some of the imagery was a bit lacking in certain scenes, but others were very real. At the beginning, when she was fighting in the arena, I could picture the crowd and feel the intensity. There were no boring moments in this book at all. Every thing that was included has a purpose, and I appreciate that because I always look at the little details to see what impact they have on future events in the book. 

If you have read this already, let me know what you thought. If you haven’t read it, you should check it out and share your opinions with me. The next book will be out in January, so maybe I’ll have some answers to my lingering questions. 😀


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