An Anonymous Girl | Book Review

An Anonymous girl
An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendrix & Sarah Pekkanen

Have you ever read a book that literally made you question everything and everyone? When I read this, I did not know who to trust and who was telling the truth. An Anonymous Girl is definitely the truest form of a psychological thriller, and it didn’t disappointment.

After moving to New York City to pursue her dreams in theater make-up artistry, Jessica Farris finds herself struggling to find work in theater production. Since she resorts to working as a freelance makeup artist, she has a hard time earning the money that she needs to take care of her finances. When she discovers a social scientific research study that compensates for participation, she quickly decided to join the study. Then, she finds herself in an entanglement of lies, jealousy, and deceit.

As a reader, I honestly did not know who I could trust in this book. It was told in two points of view in a nontraditional sort of way. The first point of view is in Jessica’s perspective and everything unravels in her perspective. The other perspective is told through Dr. Shields – the psychiatrist conducting the study; however, when Dr. Shields is telling the story from her perspective, it is as if it is being told directly to Jessica. I really liked the suspense that this type of POV provided because the reader became aware of things that Jessica had no idea about. Anddddd, it continued to add to the deceit behind the narrative because you just don’t know who or what to believe. I was second guessing everything and everyone.

The characters were great, and I was able to relate to Jessica. She had issues. She had secrets. She is a normal person just trying to get by. I think she had major character development throughout the book, and I think she is one of the better female heroines that I have read about. She wasn’t an unbelievably perfect character, and I think that’s why she was great. She was down to earth and normal.

This book was great. I read it in a day. I couldn’t put it down, and there were times when I wasn’t reading it that I was still thinking about it and what could possibly be going on.


So, I will say that I figured out early on that Dr. Shields was trying to understand why married men cheat, but I didn’t guess she was trying to get her husband to cheat.. again. Like, WTF. What sort of psychotic creature manipulates people like this.. It was kinda great. I would describe this entire book as one huge manipulation for the sole purpose of one narcissistic woman to fix her wounded ego. Seriously, she was crazy. Thomas (her husband) is sort of crazy too. I mean, he cheats on his wife and wants to leave her, but he doesn’t because she has this huge secret on him that could ruin his life. I think I would describe him as an anti-hero because even though he broke the law and all sorts of ethical codes because he slept with one of his clients, he did try to make it right, I guess. In the end, he did “sacrifice” his career and, possibly, his freedom just to try to save Jessica. I still don’t think he has found redemption though because he is still kind of a dirty slimeball because he should have at least been held accountable for his actions. Thennnnnnn, there’s Noah. I don’t know why, but I loved him. He wasn’t a huge character, but he did make an impression on me as a reader. I wish there was more of him. There should be a book about him, lol. He made me happy. I would let him make me French toast anytime.


This book is what I love about psychological thrillers. There were parts during this book where I felt panic and anxiety because of they great writing style of the authors. When Jessica came back home to her apartment and she saw the bag of soup sitting at her door, I felt her fear. In my head, I was screaming at Jessica to just bail out of New York City and go live on a farm far away from these psychos.

I recommend this book times infinity. I read A Wife Between Us by these authors, and I liked that one too. I have to say, however, that I liked this one better. In A Wife Between Us, there were some dull parts that I had to push through. I didn’t have that problem with this one. There weren’t any dull moments in this book. The whole time I was biting my nails and having mini panic attacks (but in the best way) up until the very last line.

If you have read this book, please let me know your thoughts because I love book discussions. BTW, this was one of the December Book of the Month selections, and I am so glad I chose it (I actually chose three, but that’s not the point). I can’t wait for more books by these authors because they serious know how to take a reader on a suspenseful journey.

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