Fortnite. Super Powers. Traffic.| Stream of Consciousness feat. Braylen (my 8-year-old son)

So this is Braylen’s first stream of consciousness, but I did help him. He typed the first two sentences, and he told me the rest and I typed it. I helped him with the spelling a little, but everything here is strange from his little mind. The second paragraph is mine. Whose is better? Don’t lie. It’s Brays. I know. haha.

Braylen’s SOC – Things that I do (his title lol)

I like Fortnite really much. That’s almost the only thing I do. The other things that I do is eat sleep and go to school. I think is the coolest thing in the world and I’m on it every second of every day. What is the real meaning of fortnite? Not the game, but the other thing. I think it means four nights. My favorite show is SpongeBob SquarePants because it’s really funny and it looks really cool and cartoony. And I like writing paragraphs and doing work because I can show my parents and they will tell me good job because I do really good on my work. I have a guitar and I’m not that good at playing it, but I practice it sometimes and its really fun. My nanny likes to lay on me and it feels nice when she does. If I had a super power it would be to fly, shape shift, and be invisible. If I was invisible, I could sneak stuff. If one of my parents told me to get something, then anything I touch turns invisible they won’t be able to see it and I can sneak it. I want to be able to shape shift, so that I can turn into animals that I like. I want to be a cat, wolf, dog, bunny, husky, duck, chicken, and turkey. That’s all.

Sam’s SOC

After hearing Bray’s stream of consciousness, I don’t know if I can top that. Although, he does have a good idea about super powers. I think I would want to be able to teleport. I could wake up one day, and be like “Oh, I think I’ll go swimming in the Caribbean” or “It looks like a nice day to have French toast in France”. Would it just be called toast in France. And French fries would just be fries? Or do they even have French toast? Who invented it? Was it a French person? These are legitimate questions that I have.  I think I’d like to be psychic too. I’d want to move things with my mind and see the future.. I’ve been re-watching Charmed on Netflix.. Can you tell? I wouldn’t want to be able to read peoples thoughts. I think that would be a little weird and invasive. What if I heard something really gross about someone I know… I would never be able to look at them the same.. And what if people could read my thoughts. Well, right now, you are technically reading my thoughts because I am writing the first thing that comes to mind, but what if I wasn’t voluntarily letting people read my thoughts. I have bad thoughts. Explicit thoughts at times. I mean, I think that if someone could truly read my thoughts then I might be institutionalized or arrested. Or both. I mean I tend to have sadistic thoughts sometimes. Especially when people can’t drive. Sorry to whoever has to drive in the car with me because they have to deal with my yelling at other people on the road. Geez, use your blinker.. And don’t wait until you are literally turning of the road before using it.. I mean common courtesy. Also, don’t get right up behind me while I’m driving. If my kid isn’t in the car, I will break check you in a minute and own that fancy SUV that you like taunting me with because that is the only reason you need to be parked in my backseat. This was a strange turn of events.. Superpowers to terrible drives. Welcome to my life..

I hope you guys enjoyed these, and look out for more posts featuring Braylen in the future. 😀

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