Stitch Fix | December

I don’t know how many times I can say that I love this subscription. Stitch fix will probably always be one of my favorites! When I sent the note to my stylist and gave my feedback, she definitely took it into consideration. This box was really good, but also one of the more expensive as far as the items go. I am simply going to justify it as an early Christmas gift to myself. 🙂

1822 DENIM
Harrison Skinny Jean $48

I’m gonna start this post off with an item that I’m most likely not going to keep. I liked the color and they fit great in the waist, but the kinda made my booty and legs looks saggy. Not cute. I promise. They were a really dark navy color IRL, in the picture they look almost black. Because they were loose in some areas but fitting in others, these really weren’t comfortable. The struggle of having a weird body shape is real. I’m pretty sure this was the first pair of jeans that I’ve tried from this brand, so maybe its a brand thing. Certain brands just don’t fit me right. Maybe not though. Maybe I’ll get another pair from this brand, and they will fit me nicely. Maybe not… We’ll see.

Breyson Pleated Detail Blouse $48


Speaking of brands, I have tried this one. I have actually kept quite a few things from them. They especially have nice clothes that I can wear to work. This shirt, however, is a maybe. So, here’s the thing. I like the cut. I like the color. And, I like the length. But, the ruffle/pattern/lines/whatever just look weird when I actually put this on. And I know you’re thinking “Geez, Sam. Why are you so picky”. Well, if I am going to spend $48 dollars on a shirt… I have to absolutely love everything about it. This isn’t that. It’s comfortable. It’s very thin, and it would look cute with any of the cardigans I already have. I just don’t think I can justify buying this one when it isn’t something that I really like.

Smile Graphic Knit Top $34

This one I am keeping. It’s just a simple tee shirt. I’ve already wore it, so I know I’m keeping this one. It is really comfortable, and it fits me well. It doesn’t loosen up through the day even though it is a stretchy material, which I like especially when shirts have a v-neck like this.  My bra didn’t show, and my tank top didn’t peak through too much. It was a nice length. It wasn’t long enough to cover up my booty, but it was long enough that I could let it slide. And it says Smile. It’s cute. I like it. It makes me happy. You know the random person at the grocery store will think “Oh, I’m having a bad day.” *Looks at me* “Awhhh, her shirt says smile, now I am happy.” I realize that may not be the exact context, but that’s how it should be at least. Anyway, I have no complaints, and I’m really glad this was included in my box. The brand is Papermoon, and I really enjoy their clothes. I have kept quite a few, and I think they have really cute items. I wonder if they makes jeans? o.0

Waldo Grommet Detail Pullover $68

This sweater is everything! I love it. It’s amazing. End of story. Just kidding, I have more to say. First, it is so soft and comfortable. I can just picture sitting on my couch on a cold, snowy day while drinking hot chocolate, and I am wearing this sweater. That’s what it reminds me of. Hot chocolate and snow. Believe it or not, this isn’t the most expensive item in my box. I wasn’t kidding. This sweater is worth it, though. The little silver things on the arms (idk what their called lol) make this so cute. It’s not just a simple black sweater. It’s a simple black sweater with a side of intrigue. I love it. Now, I’m done. 🙂

Okay, so I cheated a little. I peaked at what I was getting when I received the shipping email, and when I saw this jacket I died a

Sonny Puffer Panel Jacket $108

little inside. I was so excited. It is really cute, and I was in desperate need of a winter jacket. Thennnnnn, I saw the price, and I died a little more. When I actually tried it on. I knew it was over. It was mine. It was exactly what I wanted. I explained in my feedback to my stylist that I like jackets with a softer material on the inside, and she gave me one. It has the little finger holes on the wrist, which is great. I actually have already worn this one too, so I’m going to be keeping it. I kept me very warm, but it didn’t get me too hot… if that makes sense. For a winter jacket that will keep you warm, it is very light. It has some sort of futuristic technology that allows your body heat to be stored within the thin layers of stylish comfort. (wtf.. idk). I really like it, and Merry Christmas to myself.

So, that is everything in my box. Let me know if you have tried Stitch fix or if they are any other clothing subscriptions that I should check out. If you want to try stitch fix I will leave me referral code for you to sign up.

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