Stitch Fix | December #2

Stitch Fix is a $20 curated clothing subscription box that you can receive every couple weeks, monthly, or every other month. Your stylist will specifically choose items for you based on your style quiz, social media, and feedback. You pay the $20 for the box, and the styling fee will be paid towards whatever you decide to keep. What you don’t want to keep, you can just send back in the envelope they provide in the box. Spoiler Alert: This was one of the more underwhelming Stitch Fix boxes that I have received; however, my love for stitch fix remains strong. I think I just had a different stylist this month, and she doesn’t know my style that well yet.

My first impression of these when I saw that I was getting them on the website was a Leggingshugeee no thanks. I really only wear leggings around the house since I can’t wear them to work, and I didn’t think I would like them at all. Guess what…. I didn’t like them when I tried them on. They were too loose in my legs, and they weren’t very comfortable. They were cute, but I would never wear them because they just didn’t fit right. Leggings are supposed to love my curves and hug them ever so sweetly, and these were just a bulky gross mess. | ANDREW MARC PERFORMANCE Fiona Foil Printed Legging $64

Pink shirt

I really considered keeping this shirt, because I really liked the detail and the color of it. I thought it would be something cute and comfortable that I can wear to work. Once I tried it on, however, it looked okay. It wasn’t long enough, though. I’ve said it once, and I know I’ll say it a billion times more that I loved my shirt long. If this shirt was just a little bit longer, I probably would have kept it. I couldn’t justify keeping it if I knew I wouldn’t wear it that much. It is really cute though. | EMORY PARK Dulcette Ruched Detail Knit Top $34

purseNope. No. Next. This purse is defnitely not my style, and I knew I would never, ever use it. The only thing that I did like about it was that it was a cross body, and I have been into those lately. This one is just gross though. Sorry, Ariel, I know you really liked it lol. I didn’t like the color of it, and I just couldn’t see myself ever using it. Plus, for the price it was definitely not worth it for me. So, as I said, NEXT!

URBAN EXPRESSIONS Aida Crossbody $58


sweaterI really like this sweater, so I think I will keep this one. The detailing on the arms are really cute and make this more than a boring sweater. The detailing is a criss crossed braided pattern, and it looks really cute. The sweater is comfortable, but I do wish that it was a little softer. In the picture it looks like a hunter/ olive green, but IRL this sweater is brown. Even on the description card that came in the box, this is described as olive. But, it is not. It is brown. I still like it though, and I am keeping it. 🙂

SKIES ARE BLUE Medea Cut Out Sleeve Cotton Pullover $68 

flannerThis is the last item in my box, and it was one that I specifically requested (kind of). When I sent the note to my stylist before my box was curated, then only thing I wrote was FLANNEL!!!!!!! <— just like that. She delivered, and I loved it. The material on this is so soft, and I can wear it buttoned or unbuttoned. Cuffed or long sleeved. I love Flannel, and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with it. I don’t have any that have this pattern, so I’m keeping this one. It’s great, and I think that it will look really nice with some of the shirts that I had kept in previous boxes.  | TINSEL Hattie Two Pocket Button Down Top $38

I am thinking of doing my future reviews with actual pictures of me trying on the clothes, so you can see what they look like on. Let me know if that would be something you would be interested in for my upcoming reviews or if you would just like to see the pictures of the items.. or both. If you are interested in trying stitch fix, I will leave my referral link at the bottom, so you can check it out!

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Elevation – Stephen King | Book Review

What. In. the. Alien. Sci-fi. Heck. Did. I. Just. Read.wl.jpg

I honestly don’t even know what to say about this book, other than it was a really interesting read. I enjoyed it very much. Stephen King was able to completely blow my mind in 146 pages. The first book I read my Stephen King was Cell, and it wasn’t really enjoyable for me. It was too weird, and I don’t think I understood it. I pushed myself to finish it because I absolutely hate not finishing books. This one, however, made me want to keep reading and not put it down. The mystery and the sci-fi, crazy affliction that the main character is suffering from is just strange. And I like strange.

Scott Carey is a 42-year-old man that is experiencing constant weight loss. But, he isn’t decreasing in size or muscle mass. When he weighs himself on the scale holding hand weights, he weighs the exact same as he does without them. He confides in a retired doctor that he considers a friend because he doesn’t want to become an experiment. In the meantime, he is having problems with a neighbor and that is weighing on his mind. The neighbor, Deirdre and her wife – Missy, are lesbians and the small town the live in aren’t accepting of their lifestyle. The own a local business, and Scott instantly feels a connection to these women.  While living with his secret affliction, he is trying to make things right for his neighbors because he understands what it means to be different.

One thing I enjoyed about this book was the way that Stephen King tackles social issues. He brought the homophobic atmosphere of this small-town community to the forefront of the novel and really showed the prejudice that same-sex couples face.  Scott recognizes that the challenges that these women are dealing with because he is facing his own personal issues that no one else would understand.The prejudice in their town  is costing the couple’s business money, and he overcomes his own personal matters aside to help them integrate into the community.

TBH, I feel like the characters in this book are a little flat. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed this book, but I think that had it been more than 146 pages these characters could really come to life. Their histories and backstories were mentioned and discussed, but I didn’t feel like it gave enough information that could make them dynamic characters. Even Scott seemed to be a little flat. I WISH I KNEW MORE ABOUT HIM!

I realllllllyyyyy wish this book was longer. I feel like so much more could have been said and done that could have truly made this story remarkable; however, the fact that I felt satisfied in just 146 pages is still pretty incredible. I don’t think this book included any useless details since it was so short. Everything kind of had a purpose for being in the book. Except for Scott being divorced… I get that it gives his character a certain dynamic, but I feel that it should have been a more significant detail if it was going to be mentioned. I don’t know. That’s just me, personally. I always feel like everything detail should serve some purposed.

I love books that I honestly have no clue what’s going on. That was how I felt with this book. Scott kept describing how he felt and what was happening, but I couldn’t figure it out. Ultimately, the ending was like a huge “duh” sized slap in the face. But THAT ENDINGGGGG. What. In. the. Alien. Scifi. Heck. Is. This. That’s all I’m going to say about that without giving away any spoilers.

I am really interested to know what people think about this book. If you’ve read it, let me know if you thought the ending was weird af.

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Dreams, Simple Thoughts, Dragons | SOC Feat. Ariel

So, this is a stream of conscious that I am doing with Ariel. We are going to tell a story by just explaining what were are thinking about. I’m not sure how this will end up, but here it goes.

Sam – First, I want to talk about dreaming. Random? Yes.. Have you ever thought it would be cool to actually live through your dreams? Like, when you’re sleeping and dreaming. You know you’re dreaming, but you can control everything around you. Is that a lucid dream? Not sure. But, you could picture anything, anyone, or be anything or anyone. What if, in my dream, I was a ducky. And I could just swim around and around and around. Then, BAM. Dream turns to nightmare, and the ducky is being hunted by scary scavengers who want to eat me for Thanksgiving..

Ariel – There’s a lot. I really don’t know what to say; to be honest, I don’t write as much as I used to. I kept a journal for every house I lived in as a child. Just simple books of my thoughts. Is there such thing as a simple thought? I’ve never experienced one. I’d give just about anything to have a second of clarity where I’m not racking my brain. Sam’s over here asking me to type about what’s on my mind. It’s a lot ya’ll.

Sam – Not in our family, Ariel. No simple thoughts. We are the epitome of complexity. I think there are times that we are complicated for the sake of being difficult. Am I wrong? I’m not wrong. We are dynamic creatures that live for the mystical quest of life. You know, that reminded me of that song… you know which song. Sing it for meeeeeee.

Ariel – Sam just coughed in my face, laughing because I didn’t know the song. fuck me. I think about how difficult the women in our family are often. It gives me anxiety. We’re a lot to take in. On a side note: a quest? I’m thinking dragons. It’s always been a dream of mine to have a dragon. They’re like iguanas only they fly and breathe air. Let someone step to me and I do a little whistle jingle and here comes my badass purple belly sapphire blue dragon. Now that’s a badass thought..

Sam – They breathe air? Ummmm, so do you. If dragons breathe air, and you breathe air.. then, therefore, you are already a dragon.

Ariel – Oh my, you are absolutely right shamalamadingdong. I am a ferocious dragon, hear me roar or is it more of a screech? I’ve never really paid that much attention. We were talking about favorite shows earlier. & I think Merlin was one of my absolute favorites on Netflix because he controlled dragons. Until the ending. That shit sucked horse nipples. Another favorite would have to be Supernatural. I mean come on, I named my son after Castiel.

Hasta Luego

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The Lost and the Chosen – Ivy Asher | Book Review

The lost and the chosen.jpg
The Lost and the Chosen – Ivy Asher Goodreads rating: 4.63

My facebook has been flooded with sponsored posts about books and authors these past few weeks, and I usually just scroll past them. Then, I decided to start paying attention and checking some of them out. I’m so glad I did. The Lost and the Chosen was one of the first ebooks that I have ever read. I’m tradition, I guess. I love the books that I can hold in my hand, flip through, and smell the pages (is that wierd? probably). Anyway, this isn’t a review about ebooks, my point is that I don’t normally read from my phone, so when I say that I finished this book solely by reading on my kindle app, it is an accomplishment and says something about the book. I don’t know if it is sold as a hard copy book, but if it is I haven’t been able to find it. However, that doesn’t stop be from recommending this book.. (spoiler…? Maybe.)

Continue reading The Lost and the Chosen – Ivy Asher | Book Review

Christmas Countdown | Feat. Braylen

Braylen told me earlier today that he wants to be an artist, so I told him that he could write a blog post with me to practice with his creativity lol. We decided to do a Christmas themed post that has more of his creative influence than mine. He wanted to do a SOC, a story, and we decided to throw in some Christmas questions, too. He told me the stories, but I just typed them and tweaked them a little. He picked the titles out too. 🙂 Continue reading Christmas Countdown | Feat. Braylen

An Anonymous Girl | Book Review

An Anonymous girl
An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendrix & Sarah Pekkanen

Have you ever read a book that literally made you question everything and everyone? When I read this, I did not know who to trust and who was telling the truth. An Anonymous Girl is definitely the truest form of a psychological thriller, and it didn’t disappointment.

After moving to New York City to pursue her dreams in theater make-up artistry, Jessica Farris finds herself struggling to find work in theater production. Since she resorts to working as a freelance makeup artist, she has a hard time earning the money that she needs to take care of her finances. When she discovers a social scientific research study that compensates for participation, she quickly decided to join the study. Then, she finds herself in an entanglement of lies, jealousy, and deceit. Continue reading An Anonymous Girl | Book Review

Books I’d Reread | Books I’ll Never Finish

When I read a book, I like to get taken to new places and feel like I am part of the story. Books that give me all the feels and make me fall in love with the characters are the kind that I love, and I most likely reread. Howeverrrrr, there are books that I start, and I try and try to finish, and I just can’t do it. Most of the time, I will force myself to read it just to be able to say that I did and it was awful. I thought it would be a fun post to determine which books I’d reread, and which books I (probably) won’t finish.

These books I started and tried to get through, and I just can’t seem to finish it for one reason or another.

Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee – This book was actually one of my first Book of the Month books that I received, and I really couldn’t get into it. It was just so slow, and so boring. The description seems like it would be a really good book, but I will probably never know. I put it down and never picked it back up.

The Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory – I think this may have been one of the first historical fiction books that I purchased. I have started to read this one so many times, but I can’t seem to get through the first 50 pages. It seems like one that I have to really concentrate on and try to read with no distractions, but it seems like so much effort just to get through a book that I may or may not enjoy.

The Countess by Rebecca Johns –  I’m pretty sure I made the most effort to get through this one. I was so excited when I bought this because it is about Elizabeth Bathory “Blood Countess”, and I am obsessed with notorious serial killers or ”allegedly” serial killers. I was hoping that this book would have more sadistic and gory excitement, but it didn’t. I actually made it about half-way, and I quit reading it. This one I may try to finish, but not anytime soon.

The Passage by Justin Cronin – I bought this because I was wanting to read something different and go outside my normal reading comfort zone. I don’t know if it was the writing, the word count per page, or the dialogue, but I couldn’t read this without almost falling asleep. This is actually being made into a television show, so at some point I’d really like to finish it even just to compare the two, but it seems unlikely for me.

Now to the good part! 🙂 Each of these are books that I loved, and that I wouldn’t hesitate to reread. I’m not including books that I have already reread, but I may dedicate a post to that another day.  Four of these books are part of a series, so I’m referring to the whole series instead of the individual book.

Carved in Darkness by Maegan Beaumont – I absolutely loved this book. I gave it 5/5 on goodreads because I loved everything about it. It was about Sabrina who is a kidnap victim turned cop that never had the opportunity to face her kidnapper because he was never caught. I was hooked, and I couldn’t put this down. I haven’t completed the series yet, but I would happily reread this just to make sure I remember everything before reading the next one.

Omens by Kelley Armstrong – Kelley Armstrong is one of my favorite authors. To this date, I haven’t read a book of hers that I didn’t like. Her writing style is amazing, and she knows how to keep me turning the page. I would describe this book as in my top three, but I don’t think it would be fair to say that right now since I haven’t read the last book. Without giving away anything for those who may want to read it, this book is a different twist on the “Fae” genre, and it has a love triangle that takes my breath away. Olivia – the main character – hasn’t made her decision about who she chooses yet, so I don’t feel bad in saying that I’m team Gabriel all the wayyyy. 😀 Please read this one. If I had to recommend just one of these, it would be this one.

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole – I started this series years ago, and it was very different that what I had read before. It was supernatural (I think.. would you call it that?) and had a dystopian (maybe near future..) setting. I’m not really sure how many books are in this series, but I think I have read the first two. I have the third sitting – UNREAD – on my bookshelf, and I want to get around to reading it. Before I do, I know I would have to go back and reread the first two because I forgot a lot of the details. I don’t mind rereading it though because I do remember that I loved it. I wouldn’t say I stayed up for nights reading this because I’m pretty sure I finished it within a day.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead – Again, I am including the entire series as one that I would reread. I loved it, and I think I finished the whole series in a span of a week. I loved it. Rose was a bad ass heroine, and Dimitri completely stole my heart. There for a while, I really wanted to fall in love with a Russian guy (Sorry, Kevin) just because he took my breath away lol. I think it’s pretty normal to fall head over heels for a fictional character.. right? He is like my all-time FMCF (fictional man crush crush  #letsmakeithappen). Anyway, this book was great. I read it during the vampire craze of the 2000s, so I wonder if I read it again since I am older and the trend has died down if I would still enjoy it… Probably. Dimitri. ❤

Without Mercy by Lisa Jackson – This one is the most recent book on this list that I have read. I devoured it. Lunch break at work? Check… Waiting on Kevin Ray to get pump gas? Check… Putting off putting my pants on in the morning, so I can read this book…? Checkkkk! It was told in multiple POVs, and it kept you guessing the whole time. This one is a stand alone, but I wish that it would be part of a series because I don’t want it to be over. I probably should have done a whole review on this because I have so much to say about it. The twists… the killer.. the leader of the cult… OMG, there’s a cult? Why yes, darlin’. Buckle up for an intense thrill ride that will throw you through loops that you didn’t even see coming. I loved it. RECOMMEND this one too! I had never ready anything by Lisa Jackson before, but I probably will now. I would love to reread this knowing what happens, just to see if there were clues that I didn’t catch before.

So, that is all for this post. I think I will try to post these every so often because they let me relive my love and hate for these books. Let me know if you have read any of these and let me know if I should give any of the ones I didn’t finish another try or let me know that they aren’t worth it. 🙂

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