Conspiracy Theory|Stream of Consciousness

So, I was just thinking about conspiracy theories… There are so many out in the universe today, they couldn’t all be made up.. or could they?

I don’t know. I like to think that there is some supernatural, sci-fi mysteries in our world, and the government is just hiding it from us.. Who knows? Maybe aliens have secretly inhabited out planet and have slowly incorporated themselves into society in order to learn the human way of life. Then, after they have gathered 217 years of knowledge from the strange beings with drawn on eyebrows, they can go back to their home planet of Luna-tron to implement their wisdom to create their own civilized society. But that begs the question.. Are humans really civilized? Think about it for a second. We have created the knowledge and wisdom and have set a baseline for what is considered civilized. But what if we’re not. We could be living the primal life of the human species that runs on intelligence rather than instinct. Maybe, the Lunatopians are really the civilized beings, and they came to Earth as a field trip for their little Lunatopian children to learn to animalistic lifestyles of the aliens that inhabit the planet Earth… Wild, right?

What do you think… are we alone in the universe? Or let me know you’re favorite conspiracy. We can be lunatics together. 🙂

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