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Since Halloween is officially over and the holiday season is about to arrive, I thought it would be a good idea to post a few products that are on my wish list for this year (so mom, sisters, boyfriend — pay attention).  These products aren’t necessarily new releases, but they are products that I haven’t used or tried.  PS. I realize Thanksgiving is the next holiday, but is it ever to early to start a Christmas wish list? 🙂

HB - Faux Filter
Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation $40

I’ve been wanting to try this foundation since it released, but I haven’t had the chance to purchase it. I don’t really like buying foundations online unless I know the color will match. I’d rather go in store to buy a foundation, which is why I haven’t purchased this yet. The claims on this foundation are that it is full coverage with a natural finish. Since I have acne and scarring that needs covered up, I always prefer full coverage foundations. Sephora has about 30 shades on their site, so I would assume they would have the same selection in store. This has been on my wish list for a while and will probably stay there until I get to try it.

I think I love just about everything about this palette. Purple is my favorite color, so everything about it draws me in from the shades and to the packaging.

ABH - Norvina
Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette $42

I have only tried one other ABH palette, which was the Modern Renaissance. I loved that palette. My favorite eye shadows to wear are reds, berries, purples, and browns. I really hope when I get to try this palette it performs like the Modern Renaissance. When the Subculture came out and there was so much controversy about it, it made me hesitant to buy anymore ABH palettes. The subculture wasn’t really my jam anyway. I just wasn’t feeling the colors. However, I think I can get over my hesitation because this is gorgeous.

Nars - Lip Pigment
NARS Lip Pigment $26


Has anyone tried these lipsticks? I am very picky when it comes to lipsticks. But, if they are too matte then I don’t really like them because they are mega uncomfortable. I like them to dry down completely, but not to the point to where my lips feel like they are in desperate need of moisture. I really want to try these. I’ve heard good things about them. They have several shades that I would be interested in, but I just can’t seem to buy them because they are a little more expensive. I don’t really have much to say about this product other than that, so if you’ve tried it let me know what you thought.


DE - C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream
Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream $64

The last thing I want to mention is a skin care product. Usually, I only buy the travel size versions of skin care because they are soooo expensive, and I am not trying to spend $50 or $60 on something that won’t even work for my skin type. This one, however, might be worth it because I’ve heard nothing but good things about Drunk Elephant. This is an eye cream that targets fine lines/ wrinkles and replenishes firmness and elasticity. Since I’ve turned 25, I’ve been having a quarter life crisis and worrying about aging. I really would like to check this product out, and see if the brand lives up to all the hype.

These are only a few things that are currently on my wish list, but if I were to include everything then we would be here for days. I think the products that I would be most excited/ happy to get either for myself or as a gift (again, hint.. hint.. Momma) would be the palette or the eye cream. If you tried these, let me know your thoughts and whether or not they would be worth the money by leaving a comment. 😀




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