Halloween(ish) |Stream Of Consciousness

When it’s dark outside and the moon is full, do the creepy crawlies come out to play? If you’ve ever been out at night and there was a full moon then would that make you a creepy crawly? If I were to be a creepy crawly, I think I would be a witch… or a fairy. Would you count a fairy as a creepy crawly? They can be scary, right? I mean there are plenty of books and lore that describe fairies as being evil, manipulative beings. I’m not imagining this, right? I know plenty of people that could be fairies if being evil and manipulative were the only criteria. I kind of wish that the world was full of supernatural creatures and beings that provide chaos and mystery to reality. I think that’s why my favorite books have to do with supernatural elements. I remember when I was a kid, and I would watch Charmed all the time. I was obsessed with witches. I mean, my obsession got so bad that when I lost a tooth I wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, asking her for a magic wand. My little mind was twisted even back then. I just realized something… is the tooth fairy evil? I mean if the lore is to be believed, then fairies are evil creatures. Would the tooth fairy be included? Can we just back up a second and ask an important question… Who created/ discovered the tooth fairy? I’m just wondering who the sadistic person was that came up with the concept that some creepy creature would sneak into your bedroom at under the concealment of night to steal your baby teeth. WTF. I think I just gave myself nightmares thinking about that…


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