Rants & Ramblings: Black Ops 4

I was first introduced to the Call of Duty franchise when I played COD: Modern Warfare when I was 15. I instantly loved the game, and I have remained loyal since then. While there have been a few flops, I have genuinely continued to love the franchise overall. I am writing this post to basically post my opinions (so far) on Black Ops 4. I don’t consider this to be a full review because I haven’t played the game long enough to review it in depth. This post is dedicated primarily to my current thoughts regarding what I like, what I don’t, and what I really don’t care about.

Let’s start with Multiplayer.

I really like the weapon selection in this game. Right now, I really like to use the ICR and the Spitfire. When I play close combat I usually choose a submachine gun, and the spitfire is just a badass little gun. although the recoil is a drawback. On larger maps that are more open, I tend to use an assault rifle because they have a longer-range accuracy.

I LOVE THESE MAPS! When I played WWII, it seemed like the maps were so dark and kind of all looked the same. The BO4 maps are colorful and vivid, and that’s my preference for multiplayer maps. When everything is dark, it’s depressing and no one wants to be depressed playing a video game. My favorite maps (again, so far) are Morocco and Hacienda. Icebreaker is my least favorite map—it’s just kinda whatevs for me. Morocco reminds me so much of Favela from MW2, so that might be why I like it so much.

One thing that annoys me about BO4 is the limited game modes for hardcore. Most of the time, I am playing hardcore and have limited modes to play. I love Control. It is a very fast paced game made, and I enjoy playing it; however, it would be nice to have a HC Control mode. Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand why some game modes don’t have hardcore mode. It would probably be to hard to get control due to the decreased armor on HC, but it would still be nice to at least have the option to play it, right?

Alsooooooo, why haven’t they brought sabotage back?! I absolutely LOVED this mode. Both teams fighting to plant a bomb with a 20 minutes match. Yet, they hadn’t had this mode since MW3 (maybe?). I could rant on this for days, but I won’t because my love for sabotage and the deprivation I am forced to endure is not the point of this post.

Okay, so let’s talk about the 10 v. 10. I don’t like this. I like fast-paced action, and it seems in 10 v. 10 everything is soooo slow. I mean if I’m just wanting to relax and play TDM, then it’s kind of boring because there aren’t enough players in the game. I don’t always want to play domination or control, but it seems I have to in order to have an action-packed game.

Before I rant about the next thing, I’m going to point out that I’m not really a feminist, but I do like the guys to know they’re getting beat by a girl. With that being said, there are only 2 options for female specialists. Couldn’t Treyarch have made each specialist have a male and female version? That would be nice because then I could play as Recon (my favorite specialist) and be a female. This isn’t really a big deal, but if I’m being picky then there it is.

So, let’s talk about Black Out.

I am not going to lie. I hated this when I played it on Beta. I kept getting pissed off because I couldn’t find a weapon and it seemed that I wouldn’t be in the game 1 minute before I got killed. After I played it when I bought the full game, I can honestly say it’s growing on me. I still hate that I have to scavenge around to find a weapon, ammo, perks, etc. Why can’t Treyarch just let people have their own damn classes to start… would that be too much to ask? I don’t know. Maybe some people enjoy that, but I don’t. Will that keep me from playing Black Out? Probably not. Am I going to continuously bitch about having to find a weapon and potentially dying before I do? Absolutely.

With this mode, I think I need to play it more and get used to it. I never played the other battle royal games, so Black Out was my first experience. I may do an update post later and see how my thoughts change.

Andddddd the Zombies.

Over the years and throughout the games, Zombies has been hit or miss for me. Personally, I don’t really like the new story modes and objective crap that Zombies has become. I miss playing Kino Der Toten and trying to pack-a-punch all my weapons, get all the perks, and see how long I can servive. With BO 4, I have that option. I haven’t really explored the other modes too much, but they do have the classic survival mode which is great for me. The maps are okay. I really like the gladiator arena map (can’t remember its name.. IX maybe?).  But….. where is juggernog? I cannot fight a horde of the living undead/dead without my juggernog. I can run and dodge all I want, but when I’m on level 25 with a gatrillion zombies trying to eat me, I need something that can help me fight back.  I don’t know. Maybe I just tend to be too picky. What do you think?

Despite the flaws of this game, I really like it and enjoy playing it. I don’t know if it is my new favorite, but it has the potential to be. No, probably not. COD: Modern Warfare 2 will always hold that place in my heart. Anyway, I know a lot of people are kind of upset that this game doesn’t have a campaign, but I really don’t care. I never really played the campaigns unless I didn’t have internet anyway, so it wasn’t really a loss for me. I’m definitely looking forward to the DLC for this game because I feel like Treyarch could really do something special with this game in Black Out and Zombies. I wonder if they will make changes to the Black Out map in the future or add different Maps/Worlds.. I don’t know. I’m not sure how it all works. So, if anyone else has played this game please share your thoughts because I’m kind of curious about what everyone thinks of it.

Alsoooooooo.. If anyone has any tips for me in Black Out, let me know because I need all the help I can get, so throw them at me on Twitter. 😀



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