Subscription Boxes I’m Obsessed With

Anyone who knows me can testify to my love for subscription boxes. I was introduced to my very first subscription service about 2 years ago by my aunt, and that’s where my addiction began. Since then, I have received soooo many different types of boxes & I will share my someone of my favorites in three categories: books, beauty, and fashion.


bookish box

The Bookish Box – varying prices

Books are life, btw. They are my favorite, so I am all about trying any book subscription box to expand my library. The Bookish Box has a variety of different packages to choose from. Each month, they send a box full of book themed-goodies and a t-shirt. Depending on the package you purchase, you could get a novel also. The package I receive includes the book, goodies, and the t-shirt. My favorite Bookish Boxes are the themes. I remember I received a Harry Potter themed box, and it was amazinggg!! If you are a book-lover, I definitely recommend this box.   ⇐ Referral Link


7Y-zFUHy_400x400BoxyCharm $21

Is this one even a contest? BoxyCharm is the best make-up subscription service that I have tried. You pay $21 for 4 or 5 full-size make-up items. The items in the box are great 98% of the time, and they are on trend make-up products. I have received palettes, eye shadow singles, brushes, skin care, hair care, basically anything and everything beauty related. The value of the box is always worth the $21. It blows my mind how BoxyCharm is able to put such great items in their box for that price. Check it out!    ⇐ Referral Link


SF Logo

Stitch Fix $20

As you saw in my last post, my box wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t make me love this service any less. I have tried one other clothing subscription service, but I think Stitch Fix is soooo much better. The clothes that are selected for me are me tailored to my personal style, and I really enjoy the personal touch the stylist gives. By the note she provides in the box, I can tell she checks out my social media and my pinterest page to pick my items. One of the best things about Stitch Fix is that they have a style shuffle service that you can look through various items, and rate it with a thumbs up or thumbs down depending on your preference. I have requested items from the style shuffle, and if it is available then my style is able to include that item in my box. If you hate shopping in stores and hate trying them on in a teeny tiny little stall, then try out this box and try them on in your bedroom. Send all the things you don’t want to keep back, and keep what you love!    ⇐ Referral Link

If you have tried these boxes, let me know what you think and which is your favorite! If there are other subscriptions that I should try then leave me a comment and let me know!


6 Comments on “Subscription Boxes I’m Obsessed With

      • EarFleek is a $3.50 something box (well, it’s more of an envelope, actually) where they send you a new pair of earrings each month. You can choose the style you want, as well. I got my absolute favorite pair of hoop-ish earrings from them! It’s great because it’s cheap and sometimes you can really score.


      • Do they have a lot of options? I tend to be very picky lol. I might check that one out though.


      • Heh heh, so am I. There are three different options for the basic plan if I recollect correctly – I’d check it out if I were you!


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