Let It All Flow in a Stream of Consciousness

So, I’m not the best writer as I have mentioned and will probably mention 785 more times. My writings consist of mostly things I never expect to be read. I scribble thoughts and ideas down as the come to me, but most things remain unfinished and unwritten. That is why I like to write my stream of consciousness, which are comparable to journal entries. For an uninterrupted amount of time, you just write. No rules. No limits. You want to right about bright sparkly unicorns riding a motorcycle through Las Vegas — that’s cool. Go for it. No judgement. Because I enjoy doing these so much, I will post some occasionally. My process for writing a stream of consciousness is to set a time limit for myself. Five minutes is plenty of time to combine all of my chaotic thoughts into words. Will they be readable? Not sure. Will they make sense? Probably not. That’s not the point. Open up your creativity and let the thoughts flow from you in a waterfall of mania and psychopathy. I will share on my first SOC that I wrote, so you can understand what I mean.

It’s almost midnight. Its really dark. Scary things live in the dark. Is darkness the absence of light or the absence of good. Or is it the presence of evil. What is evil? Does everyone have the potential to be evil. The small little kitten currently biting my foot is definitely evil. Is it learned or something inborn. That kind of reminds me of a song. Not really sure what song, but it’s probably an evil song. Bob’s Burgers is on. I really enjoy that show. Tina is my spirit animal. She is awkward and weird. I like it. She doesn’t care about anything. Well she does, like Jimmy Junior, but they she just does weird things. She likes butts and zombies. Are zombies for real. I think that zombies are going to be the offspring bred from the HIV vaccine. I mean picture this: Scientist FINALLY produce the cure – not treatment – but cure for the HIV virus. It’s a scientific miracle. The holy grail of vaccines, and then BAM. Everyone that takes the vaccine undergoes a genetic mutation that combines the substances of the vaccine with the HIV virus creating animalistic characteristics in humans and makes them hunger for human flesh. When the bite another person the transfer of blood and saliva infects the victim with the virus; thus, creating a zombie apocalypse. Seems legit. I really hope this cat gets zombified because my foot is seriously starting to hurt. What is hurt. Emotion. Hunger. Feeling. Death. Death rhymes with Breath which you wont have when your dead.

No rules. Forget Grammar. Don’t worry about punctuation. Free write to your heart’s desire.

Bob’s Burgers is my favorite, btw 🙂


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