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Halloween(ish) |Stream Of Consciousness

When it’s dark outside and the moon is full, do the creepy crawlies come out to play? If you’ve ever been out at night and there was a full moon then would that make you a creepy crawly? If I were to be a creepy crawly, I think I would be a witch… or a… Continue reading Halloween(ish) |Stream Of Consciousness

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Review – Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

There are novels that I have to force myself to read at times, and then there are books that I can't put down. Sharp Objects was one of the books that I couldn't stop reading. Throughout the entire book, I was so intrigued by the main character's -Camille Preaker - own personal mystery that I… Continue reading Review – Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

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October Stitch Fix #2 Review

I received my Stitch fix numberrrrr 2 this month. I signed up for the Style Pass, so I paid a one-time yearly fee of $49, and I get as many fixes as I want within that year. If you remember, my last fix wasn't that great. Did it make me unsubscribe to Stitch Fix? Heck No. Do… Continue reading October Stitch Fix #2 Review

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Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel Review

Ever since I was a kid, I absolutely loved watching this movie around Halloween. When I bought the book, I was soooo excited. Hocus Pocus will always be a classic that brings the thrills of Halloween to life. In this book, there are two parts. The first part is the original story about Max, Dani,… Continue reading Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel Review


Rants & Ramblings: Black Ops 4

I was first introduced to the Call of Duty franchise when I played COD: Modern Warfare when I was 15. I instantly loved the game, and I have remained loyal since then. While there have been a few flops, I have genuinely continued to love the franchise overall. I am writing this post to basically… Continue reading Rants & Ramblings: Black Ops 4


Books I Want to Read in October

For the past few months, I haven't been reading as much as I would like to. So, for October, I plan to get back into reading more. I recently bought these three books, so I plan to complete them by the end of the month! Hocus Pocus & The Sequel This movie defined Halloween when… Continue reading Books I Want to Read in October

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Subscription Boxes I’m Obsessed With

Anyone who knows me can testify to my love for subscription boxes. I was introduced to my very first subscription service about 2 years ago by my aunt, and that’s where my addiction began. Since then, I have received soooo many different types of boxes & I will share my someone of my favorites in… Continue reading Subscription Boxes I’m Obsessed With